Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twilight Inspired Shopping

A few weeks ago Jessica did an awesome guest post on Twilight Inspired Jewelry. Definitely check it out! I love Twilight inspired items of all kinds (although I do have a weakness for jewelry) plus there is no better way to waste time than to browse through Etsy. So I'm following up Jessica's post with some more great Twilight Inspired Items.

[Edited to add a few more items]


*Can't honestly say that this is quite my style, but it looks exactly like Bella's scarf in the first movie.

*As you can tell, I love the clothing from the first movie.

*Fingerless mittens are so convenient.

Bella's BB Dakota Jacket
*I tried this on once and would have bought it except it didn't have side pockets - which I like in a jacket
*Thanks to Colleen for this link!

Bella's Comforter
*This is so cute, but I'm not a purple gal
*Thanks again to Colleen for this link!


*Great reproduction - even captures Bella's room

*Wow, I wish I could draw like that

*Now I really feel inferior

*Can you believe this is made out of felt?!

*Talk about creative...


*This is hilarious.

*Normally I wouldn't go for destroying a copy of Breaking Dawn, but this is cool.

*One of a kind

*Incredible. I wish I had a place for this. Maybe I'll make a place.

*Even I might be too embarrassed to carry this around, but I still love it.


*Best looking one I found

*Was anyone else a big My Little Pony fan as a kid?

*Lather yourself up with Jacob - I'll wait for the Edward soap

Things I've Actually Bought

My Twilight obsession does know a few boundaries, but not many. I don't sleep on an Edward pillow (sounds rather creepy, actually). I don't own any Twilight t-shirts (although there are several I'd like to buy). For the most part, I've bought quality craft items because I think the "official" items look and are cheap.

*I actually bought this one - it's on my iPhone right now

Twilight Turquoise Bracelet
*I was obsessed with Bella's bracelet from the first movie. I found a crafter on Etsy who made replicas with real turquoise and real sterling silver. It was a beautiful, quality looking piece. I wore it for almost a year when it finally broke. The silver is too thin and delicate and it snapped. I even had it soddered back together once and it broke again. I was so disappointed. I still think it was a good item, but the design wasn't meant for daily wear. Unfortunately, the artist no longer is on Etsy and I can't find quality replicas anymore.

Twilight Charm Bracelet
*My husband got me this for Christmas last year. I have one for Harry Potter too. It's very cute.

What's your favorite item?

I think mine is the wooden New Moon box. Or the drawings


  1. Wow! Now that what I called a Twilight fan. All I have is Bella's St. Jude bracelet and the Cullen crest as pins.

    I'm guessing you have the official prop replica Engagement and wedding ring as well :-)

    Safari Poet

  2. Woah! I love the New Moon woodbox!!! I'm looking into that iPhone case right now :)

  3. Hoot hoot! I would love the iPhone cass, I would get an iPhone for it! And the Kindle cover. And the wood box. And the key chain.

  4. Have you seen these?

    The bedding doesn't look the same colour in that photo, but the set I saw at the store a while back was the same as in the first movie. :)

  5. I've always loved Alice's fingerless gloves. ;)

  6. LOVE the fingerless mittens Alice was wearing. I'm obsessed with fingerless mittens, they're so warm yet the still make it easy to pick things up. I like to wear them when taking the boys for a walk, they tend to pull and wearing full mittens makes it hard to juggle their leashes:)

  7. I like the scarf, gloves (Bella's), the New Moon box, and I'd also love to have Bella's bedding. :)

  8. Ha! Yes, I loved My Little Pony. Never expected to see Twilight branded into their behinds though. LOL

    I love that iPhone case. Now I'm thinking of getting one for myself. Is it pretty durable?

  9. Dude, I love the jewelry one, and this one too! There are so many things I like to buy!

  10. I've always loved Bella's mittens.

  11. That is so awesome! I made a bookmark for Breaking Dawn, I have all the material to make 1 for each of the other books as well. I'll have to post a pic on my blog or email it to you so you can see. I love those gloves they look so comfy and warm!

  12. I love the mittens. They are pretty great! I also like the wooden box. Oh and that scarf. I'm definitely a scarf gal! I need one as soon as possible!

  13. Aw, I hate it when cute jackets don't have side pockets. What am I supposed to do with my hands?? I guess that's where Bella's mittens come in :) They look soooo comfortable.

    That turquoise bracelet is so pretty! I'm sorry to hear it's broken now. I'm with you on the box and the drawings--very nice!

  14. Love the bracelets, both the turquoise one and the book charms one. I'd love to see your HP book charms bracelet as well.

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