Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guest Post: Jessica - Twilight Jewelry

Grab the Totally Twilight Button!

Please welcome Jessica from Thoughts At One In The Morning to Alison Can Read. She has a fabulous (really, truly great!) guest post on one of my favorite topics - jewelry!

Twilight Jewelry

For fans of Twilight, jewelry inspired by the books and movies can be desired. Who doesn't want to show off their Twi-love? With Breaking Dawn's premiere fast approaching, we all want to have something special to wear for the occasion. In honor of Alison Can Read's Totally Twilight month, I offered to show off some of the really cool Twilight inspired jewelry that is available. All of these pieces have been found on the wonderful site called Etsy.

The Basics

~It doesn't get simpler than this! Show the world you've been bitten with this necklace.

~This is a cute cover inspired necklace.

~For the charm bracelet fans. There's a charm for almost everything.

The Replicas

~This one is a very nice representation of the official one. Far cheaper too!

~Who can forget the bracelet featuring the charms from Jacob and Edward?

The Quotes

~Very cute, and it is adjustable.

~What's not to love about this one?

~One of the most repeated quotes, but I thought this one was very unique.

~I had to find at least one thing that included the Dazzle quote! Plus, it's a bangle.

~This one made me giggle. Definitely one of a kind!

~When you can't pick just one quote, put them all in a jar.

The Inspired

~This one doesn't necessarily scream Twilight, but I think it is a very nice take on 'Twilight inspired'.

~Of course, I can't vouch for the authenticity, but talk about distinctive.

~French phrase meaning "more than my own life". Kudos to the designer of this book inspired piece.


Now that you have all your lovely Twlight Inspired Jewelry... you can store them in this:

~Now this is what I call amazing work.

Thank you so much for this incredible post, Jessica! I think my favorite pieces are the Breaking Dawn necklace and the Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb necklace. What are you favorites?


  1. This is the only book series I bought shirts and jewelry for :) I loved all the lines from the books.

  2. I love the box and the locket. The're so cute!

  3. That first necklace is brilliant! What a clever and subtle way to show your vampire fan status. I also really like the jar earrings, those are cool:)

  4. Thanks for giving me this opportunity Alison! It was a lot of fun putting together. <3

  5. Awesome post!!

    I agree with Jenny - the first necklace is very clever! I love the two necklaces you mentioned, Alison, along with Renesmee's locket and the stacking rings. The stacking rings don't scream TWilight, but the are very cute!

    Totally Twilight is totally making me want to re-read the books!! :)

  6. Blahahaha! That "Technically I can't sleep with you" is pure win!

  7. I like the lion & lamb quote necklace and Renesmee's locket. Once I remembered what the locket was that is... I know, it's been SO long since I read this series.

    I used to love looking at Twilight inspired t-shirts. My favourite was one that said 'Jasper Says Relax' lol! :)

  8. twilight inspired stacked ring = gorgeous.

    i didn't order anything for twilight .. but i did order 'may the odds ever be in your favor' bracelet on etsy. i couldn't. help. myself.

  9. Great post. I love book inspired jewelry. When I wear things inspired by a book I feel like I have this wonderful secret I'm sharing with the world. It's almost as if I'm bringing a part of my favorite novels with me at all times.

  10. Some of that stuff is really cute. And the vampire bite necklace works for any vampire book/show/movie you love.

  11. Oh my, I wouldn't have thought I would like these so much, but some of these are SO cute! And the vampire bite necklace is so clever...

  12. That first necklace is so simple and subtle but really lovely!

  13. What beautiful jewelry! You did such a beautiful job with this jewelry. And so creative. It was a great post! I'm very tempted by some of these pieces.


  14. Very in the zone post. :D I also like the Breaking Dawn Necklace and the Reneesmee bracelet. :D A nice collection. :D

  15. Very cool! U turned me into an ETSY MONTER! I have never really looked around the site now I am hooked!
    I am DEF buying the BD Necklace :)
    Books & Beyond

  16. Gosh I didn't realise there was a whole category for Twilight jewellery! I love the idea of the LA Push sand! Makes me laugh.

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