Discussion Posts

One of my favorite parts about the book blogging community is the opportunity to discuss the greater world of book with like-minded people. Reading and writing reviews about individual books is fun, but I also love thinking about the forest as opposed to the trees. Discussion posts usually prompts far more conversation and debate than any one book review.

Here are a collection of my discussion posts:

Are You A Genre-Ist?
Poll: How Old Are YA Bloggers?
Are You A Book Cheater?
Stand-Alone Books vs. Series
What Mistakes Are Acceptable In a Book?
Families in YA
The Case for Mind Candy
The Good About Twilight Copy-Cats
What Was Your First? Genre Introducing Novels
Book Trailers: Yay Or Nay?
Sparkly Vampires Will Kill You!
The Twilight Movies: Helped Or Hurt The Books?

Read Outside the Box

Featuring books outside the YA fiction realm.

Best Biographies/Memoirs

Blogger Advice/Discussion Posts

Blogger Advice: Gaining Followers
Blogger Advice Part 2
CAPTCHA: How To Eradicate Evil
How To Write a Review
How Do You Comment?
The Green Eyed Monster: Blogging and Jealousy
Which Blog Post Are You Most Proud Of?
How To Deal With A Reading Slump
How To Get Past A Blogging Slump

What Books?

I have a feature called "What Books?" I have so many book memories from my childhood. Different books touched me in different ways and had came to me at important times. I run this feature once or twice a month and feature books that I love(d) for different reasons.

A lot of the topics and books that come to mind for What Books? feature books that I liked when I was in elementary and middle school more than books I liked in high school and later.

See editions of What Books? here:

Movie Is Better Than The Book
Favorite Not-Super-Popular Book Series
Favorite Ghost/Scary Stories
Favorite Obscure Childhood Book
Favorite Books To Re-Read
Favorite Books That You Didn't Love At First
Favorite Cry Your Eyes Out Books
Favorite Books That Totally Freaked You Out
Books You Can't Believe You Haven't Read
Favorite Assigned High School Reading