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Guest Post: Shelby - My Favorite Twilight Character

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Please welcome Shelby of Lost in a Book to Alison Can Read! Shelby is 14 years old and lives in Ohio. She has 25 pets! Wow. Definitely check out her blog.

Lost in a Book

Alice: My Favorite Twilight Character

The characters in Twilight are amazingly unique. From vegetarian vamps to the normal humans, each of the characters seem wonderfully real (even the vampires!) and most are very easy to like. Of course, almost every reader has a favorite character.

For me, that character is Alice. The optimistic, friendly, short, future-seeing vamp. Why do I like her? Well, for one, as mentioned before, she’s optimistic and friendly. She is usually happy to be doing what she’s doing, and is kind to most everyone one she meets.

Another thing I like about Alice is how even though she isn’t a “main” character, she has important roles in many of the books, from watching over Bella in Twilight to hunting down and finding other half-human, half-vampires like Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. I love the way that Stephenie Meyer made her a mixture of a minor and a major character.

There are many other reasons I like Alice, such as her amazing power, and how fast she accepts Bella into the family. In fact, I don’t think I can come up with one thing I don’t like about her (although, it is this way with many of the characters in the Twilight Saga).

What about you? Who’s your favorite Twilight character?


  1. I too like alice for all the reasons you just stated!!

  2. My favorite character is Jasper, I think it's because we got to know so much about his past life. I also kind of like Rosalie for the same reason.

    Even though she acts like she hates Bella she is really looking out for Bella. Although I think there is a point in Breaking Dawn where she starts living through Bella.

  3. My favorite character is Jasper. I love his back story. I also love how hesitant he is and how he can calm a room or incite a brawl if needed. I think that I'd have his skills if I were a vampire in Meyer's universe. They probably wouldn't be quite the same, but I'd at least be able to feel what others are feeling.

  4. I have to agree with this Sheeelbyy.

    Alic is THE SHITE. Especially when paired with Jasper *waggles eyebrows* Yeah. You know I'm referring to THAT scene. (The one where Alice actually smooches him when he recounts their meeting *sighs dreamily* What would I give to live where you are... *looks around* O_O)

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  5. I'm not the biggest Twilight fan, but if there was one part of the books that I actually liked, it was the story of Jasper's past. I always thought of Alice as the kind of character that was created to be loved; no one could really hate Alice, you know!

  6. I like Alice too! She was my favorite as well. I loved how kind she is to everyone.

  7. Alice is one of my favs too! I also really like Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. She is so awesome!

  8. Alice! One thing I wish I had from her is her ablity to create such wonderufl things! Parties, weddings,etc!

  9. I like Alice (and Jasper) for all reasons mentioned above. :D


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