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Guest Post: My Book Boyfriend: Jasper Whitlock Hale, plus Giveaway!

Howdy-do y'all! Missie, The Unread Reader, here. *tips brim of cowboy hat in greeting*

Since I've been a long time fangirl of Alison's blog, one of the many reasons being her love for Twilight, I jumped on her offer to do a guest post for Totally Twilight. And that is why you are stuck with me today. Yeehaw!

Over on my blog, I host a meme called "My Book Boyfriend," in which participants are encouraged to swoon over boys in books! Though many fictional hotties have been featured, I haven't yet seen a MBB post on one of the most amazing vampires ever, Jasper Whitlock Hale! So, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do one now!

From the moment he quietly appeared in Twilight, Jasper stole my heart. He had a gentle nature that hinted at something a bit dark, and that completely intrigued me. Later, when I learned he was from Texas, that only served to forever cement a deep affection for Jazz in my heart. Also, from the whole Cullen Coven, I think Jasper has the most interesting background. Here are a few of my favorite Jasper tidbits.

Jasper Whitlock:
  • Born in 1844 in Houston, TX
  • Tall with a medium build and honey blond hair
  • Lied about his age to join the Confederate Army and quickly became the youngest Major
  • Gained the notice of a vampire, Maria, who was creating a vampire army of newborns. She turned Jasper for his military skills in 1863
  • He was 19 at the time
  • Has the ability to feel and manipulate human emotions
  • After years of killing for Maria, he became extremely depressed
artwork by nami86
  • Left Maria's coven & wandered alone for years
  • In 1948, met Alice at a diner in Philadelphia, & they fell in love
  • Agreed to join the Cullen Coven and adopt their "vegetarian" lifestyle to be with Alice. They married soon after
  • Began using Rosalie's last name, Hale, to pose as her twin
  • Of the Cullan Coven, has the most difficult time controlling his bloodlust for humans
  • Has degrees in history and philosophy

My Favorite Jasper scene ever:

Artwork by the wickedly talented nami86. Visit nami86's gallery on deviantART for more Jasper/Alice and Twilight illustrations.


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As a special thanks to Alison for letting me gush about Jasper today, I'd like to offer Alison Can Read readers a chance to win a copy of The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide!

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Which Twilight Saga guy (or gal) would you date and why?


  1. Woohoo! Thanks for letting me gush about my favorite Texas vampire, Alison.

  2. I loved Jasper in the books, and the relationship he and Alice have together is adorable. Unfortunately the hair and makeup in the movies has made Jasper look increasinly atrocious in each movie. I wish they'd just cast someone blonde so they didn't have to use those fugly wigs.

  3. I'm for Jasper too!!! Everybody can have Edward. I'll take Jasper anytime. <3 I love how he cares and love Alice. What they have, for me, eclipse Edward and Bella's love story.


  4. I really like Jasper with all his southern-ness. But I still would have to pick Edward. Depth + Deadliness = Yummy.

    Thanks for taking us down Twilight Lane & the giveaway.
    bookgoonie at

  5. I feel soooo tempted to say Carlisle! xD
    Or or, perhaps Riley?
    I mean, Xavier Samuels was totally cute in the movie right?!
    But my ultimate vote would still go to Edward Cullen.
    My love <3
    His intense love moves me ^^

    Thanks for this giveaway! :D
    RT link:

  6. did I forget that scene? oh! that's right. I was enamored with how he and Alice met. Best. Meet-cute. Story. Ever.

    Here's PiF's.

  7. There are no words to how much I adore Jasper from TWI series. And Jackson Rathbone is all kind of sexy playing that role. *le sigh*

  8. I love Jasper! I can't wait to finally read the rest of the Twilight saga so I can get more of him. He and Alice are my fav Cullens. :)

  9. I have a soft spot for Jacob, so I date him because he´s my favorite character from twilight, he´s so sweet.
    “I'm gonna fight for you, until your heart stops beating.”!/Adrianaec7/status/136810507872120832[AT]gmail[DOT]com

  10. YES! I completely agree about Jasper!! He's my favorite too. ;) Not entering the giveaway, just wanted to let you know there is another out there that has loved the sparkly boy in the background too. :)

  11. Awwwww I love Jasper and Alice! They're so adorable. It would be fun to read a whole book just on his story, from his POV:) Probably not going to happen though!

  12. Jaz and Alice are my second favorite couple. They are just so adorable and comfortable with one another.

    My favorite TW guy is a toss up between Carlisle, Edward, and Jacob. :)

  13. Jasper is one of my favorites too! I love him in the books and the movies. There is something about that internal struggle of trying to be good, yet a bad boy at heart.

    Plus he and Alice are epic together!

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  15. Jasper!!! IMO is the most interesting of all the vampires and I love the way he is so in love with Alice.

  16. awww I love Jasper! I wasn't that big of a fan of him from the books. I'm just so preoccupied with Edward...but in the movies he steps out and is really fun and awesome...<3 him!

  17. Love this post. Jasper is so awesome. I also instantly fell in love with him. I love his back story and I love his hesitance around humans. I also love how devoted he is to Alice. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I'm so glad there's loads of love for Jasper today, I didn't notice him much in the books but i sure paid attention to him in the films, I think it's the hair...


  19. Aww! I love Jasper and Alice. I think I like their story more than Edward and Bella's!

  20. I love the pictures! Hmmm, so which guy who I date for real. I always wondered about Tyler. He seems like a nice guy but just always did something wrong at the wrong time. I would like to know more about him.

  21. *Ahem*... sorry, that was a pathetic excuse for a comment. I was overwhelmed. But, umm, that answers your question, right? :P

    However, I ADORE Alice and Jasper as a couple. So I don't want to date him, so much as be BFF's with him and Alice :D

  22. I was so enamored with the whole Jacob - Edward rivalry that I never actually paid too much attention to the other characters. I think a reread is in order...

  23. I am definitely going to go with Jasper. [: Although I wish he wasn't new to being a vampire, I would always worry he'd bite. [:

    Erin @ Let's Evaluate

  24. I agree, Jasper is pretty amazing. But I love Emmett too! He's be a blast to hang out with, he's funny, caring and pretty good on the eyes too ;)
    "I'm so glad Edward didn't kill you. Things are a lot more fun with you around." - Emmett Cullen

    Love it!! stellarbookblog[at]gmail[dot]com

  25. I'm into Jacob but Jasper's interesting nonetheless.

  26. It is hard to choose. I love them all. I would be dating with Edward and Emmett. I know I'm selfish but I want them both. Edward for his personality, the security that will make me feel with him and the romance. Emmett because I think a life with him would be adventurous and because he is funny. I guess Edward would have not any problem to dating with both.
    I loved your post and thank you for the great giveaway!

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  27. Jasper is my favorite, too! I can't help but swoon at that southern charm :) I wish the books focused more on him.

  28. I'd date jacob any day, if only...

  29. I've always been a huge Emmett fan! He's just so cute and funny, but super loyal too. I absolutely adore him!


    A Written Rhapsody

  30. Ahh Jasper! My favourite Texan of all time! I fell in love with Jasper straight away and even more so in Eclipse when we got his background. I love Jackson Rathbone too..he makes my insides feel funny lol.


  31. I really like Jasper and Emmett as well but, if I had to choose, I'd choose Edward. He's romantic and protective. :)


    cjmfnobrega AT gmail DOT com

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