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Feature & Follow Friday #71

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*Thanks so much to Rachel for allowing me to be part of the Follow Friday fun. Parajunkee is one of the best blogs out there and FF is a highlight of the blogging community. The FF has been one of my favorite parts of my week for over a year and I'm so excited to help my fellow book bloggers get to know each other better.

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Our Feature - Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

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When I'm not working full time as an admin asst at an engineering firm, attending college part time or being Mommy to the sweetest 5 year son, I'm reading. And sometimes I'm reading when I should be doing the other things on my to do list.

I normally like to read paranormal romance, urban fantasy, erotica romance (paranormal or not) and YA with a paranormal theme. But if a book sounds interesting I'll give it a try.

Question: In light of 11.11.11 and Veteran's Day tell us about your favorite solider and how he or she is saving the world. Fictional or real life.

Hmmm...another hard question. The first answer that came to mind was Ender of Ender's Game. He's basically a soldier.

And of course you always have Jasper of Twilight - my handsome Confederate major. You could consider Harry Potter to be a general in Dumbledore's Army.

Real life...I loved the Band of Brothers series. Major Dick Winters will always be a big hero of mine. Unfortunately he passed away earlier this year at the ripe old age of 92.

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  1. Oh, great answers! I LOVE Band of Brothers.

  2. Great answers, Alison!
    My husband and I love Ender's Game as well.
    Hope you have a great Veteran's Day,
    Metro Girl

  3. I love Ender's Game...and I haven't read it in a very long time. This just reminded me of how much I want to read it again! Did you read the other books in the series?


  4. Hey Alison,
    Just wanted to hop by and wish you a happy Veteran's Day!
    Ninja Girl

  5. Hehe, I struggled with this one. I want to comandeer your Harry Potter suggestion. I agree :D

  6. Hi & Happy Friday Alison!

    Great answers, although I have never heard of Enders Game :)

    My FF,

    Have a great weekend..

    PS. Thank-you for my eyebrow comment last week, you made me giggle ;)

  7. I love Jasper! I have some pics of him on my FF. I do love to look at him...
    Here is my FF:
    Happy Friday!!!!
    and happy reading :D

  8. I forgot Jasper was a solder! Happy Friday:)

  9. I completely forgot about Jasper! Bad Jennifer.

    My husband loves the Band of Brothers series and I bought him the dvd's of it last year.

  10. I Struggled with this question and answered it to the best of my ability. Great choice.

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog

  11. Band of Brothers series is great.
    Old timer,

  12. LOL Jasper is one of mine also, my brother & Jasper...sigh. But you have to admit Jasper is one sexy solider =) Here is my FF if you'd like to check it out

  13. k so it didn't post my link lol so here is it

  14. Hi! I'm new to the Follow Friday. Nice to meet you guys and everyone else! Stop by and see me sometime, lol

  15. I'm new to Follow Friday, so hi! :D

    Harry Potter? The general of Dumbledore's Army? I agree!

  16. Hello there! I'm new to Follow Friday. This was a tricky question. Er, I like Sharpe in the Bernard Cornwell novels. If you would like to check out my blog I'm over at:


  17. WHy yes, Jasper riding on his horsey all decked out in his uniform, nice!


  18. I love the Band of Brothers series! Awesome answer! I had hard time coming up with an answer this week!

  19. I always get goosebumps when I watched Band of Brothers and everyone in the house would be solemn too whenever the interviews with the soldiers come up.

  20. Totally forgot about the DA! Can't think of any real soldiers I know so I was racking my brain for a fictional one!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  21. I couldnt think of any fictional ones at all! lol **fail**

    Kylie @ The Talking Teacup

  22. Ooh Ender. I didn't think of him at first but DEFINITELY.

    I really wasn't too sure who to pick for mine, but then I realized that the comic book nerd in me had already answered the question!

  23. Hopping through. A great question for 11.11.11. Have a happy Friday.

    The Overnight Bestseller

  24. I've always though of Jasper as a soldier because its obvious from the books and the movies, but never thought about Harry Potter being one. Good catch. Old Follower.

    JJ iReads
    My TGIF

  25. I love Jasper; he's my fav Twilight man!

  26. Hi there! Just popping in to say "hi" as a new follower. This is a great idea. Thanks so much for making it happen. :)

    Kendra @ Reader's Edyn

  27. Hey Alison! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend :)

  28. I loved the topic for today :)
    For me it was a tough one, not having reading many books with that particular theme.

    Happy Friday :)

  29. Yep, part of Jasper's charm comes from all that old-fashioned military training. :-)

  30. I knew you'd think of Jasper xDDD he crossed my mind while I was looking at your Twilight button but I'd already written my answer :D

    Happy weekend!

  31. Jasper is a good answer. :)

    I was going to answer this question today, but I decided not to. I have mixed feelings about this subject and I'm not sure how to put it into words without upsetting people.

  32. lol. Jasper is a pretty kick a** soldier.

    Here's PiF's.

  33. great answer! i totally forgot about Jasper and Ender!

    Trish - Friday Memes

  34. Thanks for hosting a Veterans day meme today. My husband, a vet, and I have enjoyed talking about his experiences and those of my uncle in preparation for this blog.

  35. thanks for doing this. that's really cool!

    here's my FF post! will you stop by?! i'm doing a cover craze for a YA book.

  36. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Veteran's Day :)

    GraceKrispy@MotherLode blog

  37. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Jasper is one of my favorite soliders :)

  38. Delayed happy FF!
    I really struggled with this week's question, but it's a good one--made me thing :)

  39. Hi Alison, I'm a new follower and new to the follow friday hop, and thought to hop in and say hi. I came across your blog link in sexxyblogger's page. Follow friday hop looks like so much fun, and I look forward to meeting other bloggers.
    my blog is


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