Monday, November 28, 2011

Guest Post: Jen - Twilight ARC and Meeting Stephenie!

Please welcome Jen of Lost in the Library to Alison Can Read. Check out Jen's blog! She is not actually a librarian, but you'd never know it with all her great book reviews and recommendations.

Twilight ARC and Meeting Stephenie!

Before Twilight by Stephenie Meyer was published I worked for a well know book store in Canada and was part of a committee that reviewed and recommended books online and in-store.

Twilight was sent to me by the publisher as an ARC and from the first two pages in I knew I was reading something special. I devoured it in a sitting and reviewed for the book store and began talking about it to everyone! I mean how could I not!? I emailed Stephenie right after reading it and told her how much I loved Bella & Edward’s Story and how I could not wait for more!

I received a reply from her (by email) on my birthday, that thanked me for my enthusiasm and talked a bit about where she was heading with the next book. (I still have the email in my scrapbook)

Two years later, the popularity for the series had exploded! Eclipse was due to come out and Stephenie Meyer was scheduled to appear at Indigo Yorkdale. It was my birthday again (coincidence –I think not ) The line was incredibly long and after a 4 hour wait I stepped up to meet her and get my books signed. And do you know what I said? I cried. Totally blabbered. I so wanted to say something intelligent and witty and fun so then she would think I was fabulous and want to be my new BFF! But I blabbered instead She was sweet, and said thank you. Signed my books, and now they sit on my shelves. I re-read them every summer, or every time I’m in a reading slump. Or every time, I need to get away.



  1. What an incredible story. I would have cried too!

  2. Aww that is sweet!


  3. Don't feel bad! I swear I would do the exact same thing! This is super embarrassing, but I actually blubbered when I met Hilary Duff at one of her book signings for "Elixir" last year. She had been my idol growing up, and so after ten years of waiting to finally meeting her, I finally did, and I wanted to do the same thing, talk to her about her book, ask questions, congratulate her on her marriage, etc, possibly become BFFs ;), and I just stood there crying!! it was super embarrassing!

    But hey, I bet a lot of fans of Stephenie Meyer would cry if they were to meet her :)

  4. Awe, Love this! I think I would blubber on too if I met anyone famous. No, scratch that, I be dumbfounded!

  5. Great story :) I am thinking of picking up the twilight series again now that I just saw Breaking Dawn part 1 :)

  6. I am a new follower. Great post! Looking forward to future reviews. :)

  7. That is a great story and one you can tell to anyone who will know how much it means! And to read an ARC of Twilight!! OMG!


  8. That is such a sweet story. The same thing happened to me when I met Jackson Rathbone. I blabbered, then made a fool out of myself LOL

  9. awww! Thats so cute!!! I love it. I lmost cried reading it because that's exactly what i'd do!!!

  10. How cool to have gotten the chance to read a book like Twilight as an ARC! And to get an email from Stephenie Meyer. I would probably have had something planned out to say, and then forgotten it once I got face-to-face with her, and become all awkward. haha


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