Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stupid Blogger

Blogger is stupid.

Am I referring to Blogger the blog host or me, the blogger? A little of both, but I think the fault is mine.

I had a review scheduled to post at midnight earlier today. I was wondering why I didn't get any comments on it. I pulled up my blog a minute ago and realized it hadn't posted. I scheduled it to post tomorrow.

*Slams forehead against wall*

I'm not going to post it today since it's so late and I'll have my WoW post up in a few hours. And I wasn't planning a post for 4th of July other than Follow Friday. So I guess I have my review ready to go for next Tuesday...

How many times have technical difficulties screwed you up?


  1. Haha, this or something like this (I scheduled the post for the right time but blogger "forgot" to post it...) has only happend to me once, but, to be honest, I don't really like to schedule my posts. Most of the time, I just post them the moment I am DONE. :D

  2. Lmao all the time. I'll go looking for view counts or to post to twitter and discover oops I didn't post it. Le sigh

  3. I think lately there has been some commenting issues, though idk if it's with blogger, because I've tried commenting on some blogs and it hasn't worked. We've had the same scheduling issues. Or when blogger is SO SLOW when I'm trying to put images in a post...

    -P.E. The Sirenic Codex

  4. I understand. That happens to me as well.

  5. I've done this a few times as well, but I recently just figured out that it was my stupid self who was to blame. I guess I didn't realize you have to push publish even though your scheduling it.


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