Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where To Read When Banned From Your House

*Bang!*                                                                   *Bang!*

*Bang!*                                                                   *Bang!*

We are getting a new roof. Starting yesterday and through Monday, construction guys will be tearing apart our old roof and putting on a new one. We had a horrible hail storm back in May. Basically everyone in my part of town (guessing 20,000-30,000 people) had their roofs damaged in this storm. My car had about $5000 worth of damage. It's finally getting fixed next week.

Luckily, we don't own this house, so getting the roof fixed is the landlord's problem, not ours. And also thankfully it hasn't started to leak. But it's good to get it done before winter hits.

The bad thing about having clamorous banging overhead for days on end ( there a good thing about hours of banging? I don't think so) is that I am essentially banished from the house. Unless I want to lose my mind.

I do most of my reading and working at home. So now the question is where do I read for the next few days?

I spent several hours at Barnes & Noble today in the cafe pouring through travel guidebooks for one of our upcoming trips. I think I will probably end up there tomorrow, Friday, and Monday.

There are two places where I tend to read away from home: (1) Barnes & Noble; and (2) Restaurants - not fancy ones. Typically Subway or Panda Express or some local sandwich shops.

I love the idea of sitting in a coffee shop for hours on end, reading or working away. In fact, I've done that at various points in my life. But I can't sit still for that long lately. At least at Barnes & Noble I can get up and look at books when I get restless. And I leave restaurants after an hour or so.

Do you read at the library? I love our library. It's new, big, and shiny. But it's not the kind of place where I see myself relaxing with a book. I'm more of an in and out person.

Where do you like to read when you're away from home?


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  2. We had our roof done a couple years ago and honestly... the roof was done in one day! It blew my mind. They pulled it down and put it up super fast. I love to go and read though at the library. I don't know why but I just find it peaceful. I hope the roofing process is fast for you!

  3. I need to do some house work as well. Hope everything get done fast and smoothly.

  4. Doctor's offices while I am waiting; coffee shops; waiting room at the car repair shop; a camp chair around a fire pit; a hammock in the back yard.

  5. honestly I could read through the noise when I have to

  6. That noise sounds horrible, I don't blame you for wanting to get out! I usually read in the library, or sometimes I just walk around my city and find a nice spot. A bench on the high street, or a nice patch of grass outside the cathedral. If I'm in my hometown then I go to the beach. You could try parks if you have any nearby, or try to find a new cafe? :)

  7. There is a playground within walking distance of my apartment, so when the weather is nice, I walk there, sit on the swings (or on the the edge of a slide) and I read. I don't have anywhere that I go when the weather is cold. When I was at university, I would walk to the library to read or I would walk to an on campus coffee shop. But, now that I'm back in the suburbs, there isn't any place cozy enough to lure me out of my home and onto slushy roads.

  8. I can't read anywhere but at home.

    I remember when I was reading the Twilight series years ago, I was having my bathroom renovated, and the guy kept bugging me about tile and then about the book.

    I tried escaping to different rooms but he hunted me down. lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  9. There's a wonderful local coffee shop I adore and I go there a couple times a month to read on Saturday mornings. There's just enough noise to keep me awake and of course the smell of fresh brewed coffee!

    Terri M.
    Second Run Reviews

  10. I read over a lot of my restaurants, normally places like you do. In general I'm not a huge fan of eating alone, but with a book I really don't even notice it.

  11. Hmm I actually don't read in coffee shops or restaurants at all. I have no idea why. I read either in my room, at the park, or while travelling on the train or bus. I looove reading in parks. I try to go to a new one every so often when the weather's nice, then I can read for ages and not be restless.
    I remember when a friend of mine was out of the house a lot because builders were renovating her loft. It took weeks and weeks and they never even finished it.

    By the way, the header on your blog is so pretty! Pink and blue looks so perfect together. =]

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