Thursday, September 4, 2014

Book Riot Quarterly Box #4 Unveiling

I was having a bad day yesterday. Just when I was at my peak of sulking, the dog started barking like there was an ax murderer bearing down towards his neck. That can only mean one thing. The UPS man!

To my great pleasure, the latest Book Riot Quarterly Box had arrived! Just in time to cheer me up. (And to the dog's great pleasure, the UPS man came bearing dog biscuits in addition to packages. A smart man)

Book Riot is a very popular book blog and recently created a quarterly subscription box. For $50, they will send you a box filled with books and book related items every quarter. This is their fourth box and the third one that I received. I've loved them all. If you haven't subscribed yet, I highly recommend it. It's always a lovely surprise.

Here is the box and its contents:

So nicely packaged. That little button is an Inigo Montoya button, for Princess Bride fans (unfortunately, I am not one)

More packaging after the top contents were removed

Two nice literary quote prints from Obvious Slate. The F Scott Fitzgerald one is concealing the larger print, but you can see it in my last photo

A free digital copy of this Michael Chabon book. A code was included.

One lucky subscriber gets this gorgeous book lamp. Unfortunately it was not me, but I got a handy ad. I'll have to check it out.

A READ sticker. I'll have to find a place to put it.

Here's Book Riot's blurb about this book:
"Peter Mendelsund, a leading book designer and the associate art director for Alfred A. Knopf, has made a life and a living thinking about how to represent stories with images. In this fascinating, fully illustrated book, Mendelsund explores what we see when we read. This isn't about neurology or science, it's about the readerly experience." The description goes on. It's a book I've heard good things about and have wanted to read.

The book comes with handwritten annotations!

Book Riot's description: "The Salinger Contract is a fun, fast-paced literary thriller that revolves around the central question of what makes certain books resonate so strongly with people that they can't NOT remake them into their own reality. ... The plot is way over-the-top, but in a delightful way because it's the type of thing that every bibliophile WISHES could be true."

This book is new to me, but I'm intrigued.

A note from the author is included inside the book.

Super cool "Read Harder" water bottle

The dog approves

Here's the whole box with everything visually laid out


  1. Very cool@! I just heard of another book box but it is for YA. I think I might join.

  2. Book Riot's boxes always seem so great to me. I really want to look into subscribing whenever I can afford it. I always enjoy getting new bookish stuff.

  3. How cool. I think I should suggest my husband surprise me with a subscription.

  4. I got mine today and it wasy first one . I didn't win the cool book lamp but very pleased with everything.

  5. I got my box today, Alison. It was a welcome surprise. I completely forgot that they shipped it! :) I love the water bottle and the prints. I need to figure out where to hang them in my home.

    I'll don't recall seeing a button in my box, but I'm going to dig now. I'm a huge Princess Bride fan!

    Terri M.
    Second Run Reviews

  6. These boxes look so cool, but I still can't decide if they're worth the $50. It's fun to see what you think of everything, though! And I definitely want to read WHAT WE SEE WHEN WE READ. It sounds super interesting.

  7. Ooh that looks cool :) I'm glad you were happy with the box. "What we see when we read" sounds really intriguing, let us know when you think when you're done!

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