Friday, May 4, 2012

#FF100 Giveaway Hop

Giveaway Hop

On June 7th Feature & Follow will be 100!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we will be having a Giveaway Hop in cahoots with the usual Feature & Follow festivities.

Join the Feature & Follow 100th Week Giveaway Hop!

About the #FF100 Giveaway Hop:

The Giveaway Hop will be held in celebration of 100 weeks of Feature & Follow. All participating blogs will link up and we'll host giveaways on that specific day. (June 7) By linking up, people can "Hop" from one blog to the next to enter the giveaways.

This is your way to be a Feature & Follow Host along with Alison & Parajunkee

For the people that enter that means a ton of giveaways and more chances to win and for you the participant, it means more exposure for you giveaway.

What is special about the #FF100 giveaway hop?
  1. We will be doing it on the 100th Week of #FF which is…June 7th
  2. Each participant will do their own Feature with their giveaway…so pick you favorite blogger friend and show them off!
  3. There will be TWO link-ups -- one that shows all the HOST BLOGS & one that shows all the #FF Hoppers
  4. You can pick WHATEVER you want to giveaway, just as long as it is not offensive or pornographic and of course, book or book blogging related.
What you need to do:
  1. Become the gracious host on June 7th
  2. The #FF starts at promptly 9pm CST on June 7th, please schedule your posts for that time
  3. You chose anyone you want to feature -- it can be your friend, a random commenter or do like Alison and I do, choose someone for the previous weeks hop, randomly.
  4. On your #FF post, focus on your giveaway, but have the feature section, with your chosen blogger, because it is the Feature & Follow
  5. Don't make too many requires, it is a Follow so a required follow is acceptable, since this is the point, but also please make it a required follow for your feature blog
  6. It is suggested that because of the nature of the Hop those two should be the only requirements, extra entries are up to your discretion
  7. Post the #FF100 Giveaway Hop Button on your post, the two linky codes for the giveaway Hosts and the #FF hoppers
Now it is your time to link-up. If you want to participate and become a #FF Host for June 7th, link up your blog here. Make sure to include your email address for reminders. See FAQ below. Giveaway hope button grab text is at the bottom of the post also.



Do I have to do a giveaway to participate in the hop? 


Can I choose anyone I want to be the Featured Blogger on my blog?


What is the minimum gift to giveaway? Any requirements?

We suggest that it is book related. Give a book away, or a $5 gift certificate. Remember the more awesome the giveaway, the more people that enter.

Who will Parajunkee and Alison be featuring? Can I be the feature?

That will be a surprise.

Does the post have to go live at 9pm CST on Thursday night?

Yes. If the post is not live, your name will be taken off the hop list.

Giveaway Button

Giveaway Hop
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