Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Hypable Doctor Who Post!

Hey all,

The TV show Doctor Who is my newest obsession. A huge, all consuming obsession that has cut into my reading and blogging time the past few months. I wrote an essay trying to explain my love for the show and Hypable was awesome enough to publish it.

Check it out!

All The Proof You Need That ‘Doctor Who’ Has Something For Everyone


  1. whoohoo :)
    David Tennant is my favorite doctor so far, but Matt Smith has grown on me. That moment you referenced with Donna is from one of my favorite episodes!

  2. Very cool post. I haven't really seen much of Doctor Who. I use to watch the older ones with my Dad and does watch the new ones. TV shows, Books and No Time Oh my! lol

  3. Loved your post. I'm only a couple of episodes into series 3 but was hooked after the first couple in series 1

  4. That was a great post, you really laid everything out. The humor, the intellect the emotions ! I need to watch one or two of the old seasons myself.

  5. Awesome post!! I remember we were talking about this in NYC and Mary was so head over heels about Dr. Who! Really need to get to this series°

  6. Great post Alison. I have a yearning to go rewatch Doctor Who now :)

  7. LOL! Go Doctor Who!! I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!! Who's going to be our next Doctor, do you suppose?


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