Monday, April 4, 2011

Wings Read-Along Challenge: Fly With Me

Have you read Wings by Aprilynne Pike?

Read my review here.

Wings was one of the cutest books I read last year. If you like fairies, you definitely shouldn't miss Wings. Aprilynne's take on fairy mythology is one-of-a-kind. Her fairies are essentially plants! Wings lays out a fascinating world of the Fey that is explored further in the second book Spells. Even if you don't like fairies, I still recommend Wings. Laurel is a sweet, brave girl. Nothing unusual in the YA protag world, but there's a reason that character type works well. I love the two guy interests: Tamani the fairy and David the human. Laurel has a hard choice between two kind, smart, caring guys. The plot rolls along smoothly, culminating in an exciting, dangerous escape that leaves you drooling for the next book.

Starting tomorrow, you have the chance to download and read Wings for free! I'm one of the blogs participating in the Wings read-along challenge. Each blog gets a unique link to Wings. Whichever blog gets the most people to download the book from its link wins a prize.

Check out the blog tomorrow for the link!

Follow along with me as I re-read Wings over the next several weeks.

Here's an explanation from Aprilynne of how the contest will work:

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  1. I would love to do the read-along with you. I've been checking your blog for the link to the book. But I may have missed it. Have you posted it yet?


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