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Manga Mondays (47): Vampire Knight vol. 5 - Matsuri Hino

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Vampire Knight vol. 5 - Matsuri Hino

-Now that I'm done reviewing all 23 volumes of Fruits Basket, it's time to return to an old favorite: Vampire Knight.
You can see my reviews for volumes One, Two, Three, and Four back in December and January.


Zero smells blood, and a panicking Ichiru runs to Shizuka's side. Kaname had disappeared, so Ichiru assumed that Zero was the one who killed Shizuka because he had shot her with his gun...
The Night Class reports to the Vampire Senate that it was Zero who killed Shizuka Hio, and they send assassins to take care of him. Kaname interrupts, and stands against the Senate...
Later, a Day Class student collapses, with fang marks in her neck. Kaname openly suspects Zero, and Yuki shouts at him, saying that she won't talk to him again until he admits that Zero is innocent. Kaname discovers the culprit, while Zero has a vision of himself accidentally killing Yuki. Yuki asks him what's wrong, and he, rejoiced that she was still alive, leans in to kiss her... (courtesy of Goodreads)


*Warning: Potential spoilers. My manga reviews tend to be more of a summary than a review. I find it hard to review manga in the same way I do regular books.

At the end of the last volume, it was revealed that Shizuka, the vampire who turned Zero, was inhabiting the body of Maria. Shizuka tried to attack Yuki but Zero saved her, at great personal expense. Drinking Shizuka's blood could have kept Zero from going insane as a Level E vampire. But he chose to save Yuki instead.

Kaname kills Shizuka. He is not just motivated by revenge. Combining her pureblood blood with his own makes him a much more powerful vampire. It amazes me how much killing there is in this series. And it's done without second thought. It's a rather fun departure from the typical reluctant hero story.

Even thought Kaname killed Shizuka, other vampires are blaming Zero. He certainly had an axe to grind with Shizuka. Killing pureblood vampires is a particularly heinous crime and the Senate wants Zero's head on a pole. Kaname stops them, but doesn't reveal that he is Shizuka's real killer.

Yuki doesn't know that Kaname killed Shizuka, but she knows that he is very influential. She refuses to speak to him until he affirmatively admits that Zero is innocent instead of just hinting at it. I love how courageous Yuki is. She worships Kaname, but will stand up to him to protect Zero. She also offers her blood to Zero so he will not be in pain. Her courage is founded in love.


  1. Hi Alison!

    I love this series. I've bought all of them so far. I just hope it continues to be a good series! Thanks for sharing your insights. I thought it strange to with how much killing is done.

  2. I'm eager to find out what lies ahead for Kaname. He does seem to have a hate/admiration for Zero and I love how they both interact with one another.

  3. Lovelove this series! I really enjoyed watching the anime too. :D

  4. I LOVE this series! :)
    I'm still in the earlier volumes, but I hope to catch up - this volume sounds awesome!


  5. I was wondering what you'd be reading now that you finished all the Fruit Basket ones! I'm such a huge vampire fan, maybe I should try a vampire story for my first manga experience:) Seems to be pretty good based on your review and everyone's comments!

  6. This is a fantastic series! I have the first 10, but I never did find out if there was more or not published.


  7. I've only read the first two volumes, but Vampire Knight is awesome!

  8. Yay! I love Vampire Knight, I've bought almost all the books and am a huge Zero fan for some reason :) Love this manga feature on your blog!

  9. Awesome summary/review! I love Vampire Knight, and am also a Zero fan, like Ani up there. :) My sister and I have fun arguing the pros and cons of Zero or Kaname. (Though I know by now that I'm on the losing side.)

    I love your Manga Monday feature, and was wondering if you would mind if I posted these on my blog sometimes?? I love manga, but have never reviewed a single volume on my blog. But if you'd rather I not, I certainly won't steal your feature. Just let me know. :)


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