Monday, September 6, 2010

Manga Mondays (14) - Fruits Basket vol. 9 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket vol. 9 by Natsuki Takaya


Finally--summer has arrived! While Tohru struggles through the bipolar days of hope and anxiety, what will happen when Yuki comes face-to-face with the new member of the student council? Meanwhile, who is that Uo-chan's hanging out with? Is she c-r-a-z-y in love? In a bonus feature, Hana-chan's past is finally disclosed! (courtesy of Amazon)


Summer vacation! But summer's warmth does not bring levity to this volume. We learn about Hana-chan's past. She was born with the power to hear people's emotions and exert control over them. I think "empath" is the best way to describe the power. To Hana-chan, this power is curse rather than a gift. She is teased mercilessly as a child and believes that she has accidentally come close to killing people. It takes the magical Tohru to bring peace and happiness into Hana-chan's life.

Kyo's father makes his first appearance in this volume. Not the father figure anyone hopes to have. Heartless bastard is the first phrase that come to mind. If I could, I'd pummel him with my own hands. Thankfully, there are a few fun moments in the start of the volume. Yuki meets his new student council officers - two lazy characters sure to add fun to future volumes. And Uo-chan gets a love interest! Since it's Uo-chan, the couple's first interactions consist of awkward temper flares, but I think they may have future together.


  1. I've never heard of this before, but it definitely sounds interesting! Great review :)

  2. Oh yay! Someone else who reviews manga XD

    I've read the entire Fruits Basket series and it was enjoyable. It does get a little weird towards the end XD

    I'm a follower now :) Feel free to stop by my blog for manga reviews as well... although I need to do more of them!!


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