Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Hip, A Hop

It's time for the weekly book blogger hops again! A great opportunity to meet new bloggers and say hi to old favorites.

Check out the Book Blogger Hop hosted by Crazy For Books

Here's the question of the week from the Blog Hop: Do you judge a book by its cover?

Here's the question of the week from the Follow Friday: What's your favorite brick & mortar bookstore?

I'm Alison. I've been blogging for two and a half months. I review mainly YA with a few MG books.

I decided to enter Steph Su Reads' Banned Book Challenge. Check out my post about it here!

Before I starting reading book blogs regularly, I didn't give a second thought to a book's cover. Now, it's something I notice before anything else - probably because graphics are easier to visually process than words on a blog. I can't say it makes or breaks a book for me, but a beautiful cover definitely stops me in my tracks.

My favorite bookstore of all time is Powell's in Portland, OR. I have a special place in my heart for Barnes & Noble. It doesn't have the same character as the indies, but I worked there in college, so I have fond memories. There are two wonderful children's bookstores in the Twin Cities: Red Balloon Bookshop and Wild Rumpus. I especially love Wild Rumpus.

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  1. Hey Alison!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I see you've just finished Incarceron. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have a copy of that on my shelf, but I haven't gotten a chance to pick it up yet. My flatmate loved it though!

    Have a great weekend! :D

  2. I'm an old follower hopping through. Your take on covers says it perfectly. A good cover will stop you in your tracks and hold you. Have an awesome weekend!

    My Hop

  3. Old follower, but wanted to stop by and say Happy Friday!

  4. hey, just hopping by! cute background. I'm a new follower.

    have a great weekend!
    Angela Z

  5. Hey Alison, thought i'd just stop in and say hi :)

    Happy Hopping!


  6. Hi, Alison!

    Just hopping by! I'm already a follower of your blog. Book covers can really make you stop and make you pick them up. :)


    Musings of a Reader Happy

  7. Hi :) I try not to judge the book but covers with bold covers do catch my eye easier than duller covers. Hope you enjoy your weekend !!

    Hope you Hop by my site

  8. already follow and yes I do judge a book by its cover at times

  9. Alison, coming over from I'd So Rather Be Reading blog.

    Favorite brick and mortar bookstore? Oh my! Don't know of a single one I DON'T like. Powell's is great, B & N, Borders, Books A Million--then the indie stores like Hill Country Bookstore in Georgetown, Texas, Murder By the Book in Houston, Book Woman in Austin, and one of my very favorites, Book People, also in Austin!

    Great blog, by the way!

    Sylvia Dickey Smith

  10. Found you through the hop, now following! :)

  11. New follower here! Can't wait to read more!! I found you hopping :)

    Please stop by and check out my answer!

  12. Just stopping by from the hop! Have a great weekend!
    A Trillian Books

  13. Stopping by to say hi! I can't believe that you have only been blogging for 2 and a half months, you have a lovely blog.

    I'm a new follower, enjoy your weekend!
    Stephanie @

  14. Hi Alison, already a follower, just stopping back by! I agree that a beautiful cover can stop one in their tracks! I think blogging does make people more attentive to the cover as well!

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm also a new follower. :]

    Glad someone else also likes Barnes and Noble. I know a lot of people who prefer Borders.

    Have a good weekend!

  16. Hey, just hopping over to say hi since I'm already a follower.

    Powell's does sound great. I've been told about it before too, so I definitely have to go there one day! :)

    Bree's Books

  17. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower. I'm going to check out the Banned Book Challenge. I saw your review on Incarceron. It's on my TBR list.

  18. hi a new follower here.
    I was just looking at the list of books you've read this year and i have to say..Wow, I wish that I could read that many books.

    If you'd like to see my answer to the blog hop question I'm at

  19. Hi Alison! I live in Redding, about 2 hours north of Sacramento, but have been there many times. Its nice, I almost went to Sac State but went to Chico instead. Hope you like it there!

  20. Just Hopping By!! I hope you have a great day and weekend!!


  21. Hi there, I'm your newest follower via Crazy for books' blog hop. I loved Babysitter's Club books...did you also read Sweet Valley. Jess and Elizabeth are still my favourite twins.

    Although my blog isn't about books alone, I do love reading and I love meeting new people who enjoy it too.

    Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Marie (hope you'll come by for a visit sometime, I love new followers.)
    The Things We Find Inside

  22. I'm stopping by via the Hop.

    I'm a new follower!

    Hope you will stop by, too.

  23. Hopping over to say have a great weekend!

    Don't forget to have a look at my Giveaway if you haven't already!


  24. Hopping through. Powell's rocks! A definite must when visiting Portland :) Glad you stopped by...

  25. First-time visitor.

    I do pick up a book because of its cover...not necessarily buy it, but it does make me pick it up and check it out.

    Hopping by.

    Stop by my blog if you like:

  26. I know im late with this. this is my first hop. Great site! This is so much fun. I will participate more. Come visit me at


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