Friday, August 6, 2010


It's time for the weekly book blogger hops again! A great opportunity to meet new bloggers and say hi to old favorites.

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Here's the question of the week: Do you listen to music as you read?

I'm Alison. My blog is now officially two months old! Certainly a short time compared to many bloggers, but I feel like I've come a long way in two months.

I am a huge music fan - particularly Indie rock, folk, and bluegrass. I often listen to music while I'm reading but I try to stick to low-key albums that don't interfere with my concentration. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Iron & Wine, The National (High Velvet), Oh My God Charlie Darwin, Jakob Dylan (Women & Country), Death Cab For Cutie, and Sarah Jarosz.

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  1. Hopping by! I don't listen to music while reading. I only get to read about 15-30 minutes at a time, so there isn't a lot of time to get the music going! Hope to see you blogging for many months!

    Hope you'll hop by!

  2. I've hopped over, too! I can't stand listening to music while I read. I need total silence for some reason!

  3. Hi, just blog hopping through. Happy Friday!
    I listen to music mostly when I write, not when I’m reading. I listen to Celtic and Pirates of the Caribbean.
    Check out for Follow Friday and a featured movie clip.

  4. Hi! I'm just stopping by from the hop! I'm hosting a SIZZLING SUMMER NIGHTS GIVEAWAY on my blog, so stop by to enter...Have a great weekend...


  5. Hi Alison! Just visiting your blog for the first time. I am also new to blogging about YA. You can find me at

    I don't listen to music while reading, but I do watch television while reading (because I also have a TV addiction).

    Looking forward to reading more!

  6. Yay! Another music listener. I'll check out your recommendations the next time I'm reading. Happy Friday. Come see how I listen to music when I read.

  7. Found you via the Blogger Hop so I hopped over to say HI :)

    Would love it if you visited our BLOG too!

    I'm off to poke around here some more. Have a great weekend!

  8. Just hopping over to say hi! I don't usually listen to music while I read, but I love Death Cab for Cutie! :)

    - Violet @ The Eager Readers

  9. Hey Alison, it's Friday again. I'm just stopping by on the hop and follow. Have a great weekend. Happy Reading!!!
    See ya!
    Readaholics Anonymous

  10. Hi Alison, just hopping by! Wish I had your powers of concentration but usually listening to music distracts me when I'm reading.

  11. Iron and Wine is definately mellow and good for reading. I like The National's Boxer the best. And DCFC is a good band but I don't think I could read to them. Just hopping by! Happy Friday!

  12. Hi! I am a new follower and just blog hopping!!

    Happy Friday and have a great blog hopping day!!


  13. Stopping by from parajunkee's Follow Friday! I'm a new follower and am trying to rebuild my own followers list after having to redo my entire blog over from scratch (still a work in progress) due to a malicious hacker attack. I'd appreciate any and all new followers and will follow back!

    CCL (Crazy Cat Lady)

  14. Hi, Alison!

    Just hopping by! I hope you're enjoying the blogging so far! :D I love indie bands as well! Deathcab for Cutie is wicked.


    Musings of a Reader Happy

  15. Hello! I am now a follower! =) Have a great weekend!

  16. Congrats on your 2 month old blogoversary!

  17. I love Death Cab For Cutie, they're one of my favourite bands! I can't really listen to music while I'm reading though, I find it distracting.

  18. Hi,

    I found you through the Book Blogger Hop. I've started following your blog and I think that it's great.

    I'm an aspiring writer. I write horror, fantasy, scifi,... just anything that interests me. Anyway, check out my blog

    You could follow me too if you like it.

    Warmest regards,
    John Smith (pen name)

  19. I listen to and love most of the music you mentioned, Death Cab, Iron & Wine in particular. I can't really listen to them while I'm reading though. I'd tend to want to sing along, and I don't think that works while reading. :)

    Hope you can check out my hop.


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