Friday, August 20, 2010

Bookstore Fun

My husband and I drove to Galena, Illinois last weekend. It's a great little tourist town just south of the Wisconsin border and east of the Iowa border. President Ulysses S. Grant lived there for many years and you can tour his home. But my favorite part is the shopping - Main Street is littered with shops selling everything from cool jewelry to cheap trinkets. I'd highly recommend Galena if you're looking for a weekend getaway.

On the drive home, we stopped by Dubuque, Iowa. It's only a few miles from Galena and neither of us had been there. We looked around a used bookstore for a little while. The bookstore itself was unremarkable and had a pretty poor selection of YA/MG books. But the labels on a few shelves amused me:

Nothing special about this label, but it's the first of a series.
I was tempted by an early edition of To Kill A Mockingbird but didn't feel like spending $50
Love the label for this one. The books were around 150 years old.

Here's a few pictures of Dubuque.

The Mississippi River valley
The shortest, steepest cable car ride in the world - a 60 degree grade. Only costs $2 for a round-trip ticket.


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Love the "Really Old" label...LOL

  2. Great pictures - the cable car looks amazing! What funny labels too.

  3. Sadly a bit too far to travel for a weekend break. I loved the humour of those labels.

  4. What a great getaway! Looks like you has a lot of fun! I love that you can take your husband into a book store with you. Mine...acts like he is alergic to books. I sometimes wonder if he even knows how to read! :D

  5. WOW, those are some old books! And the labels show a good sense of humor...awesome. What a fun weekend!

  6. Great pics and funny labels! :)

  7. haha! this is why I love the library! granted, our library in salt lake city is a huge monstrosity that smells of disinfectant and such, but still...I can't wait to move to maine and enjoy the wee little bookstore all the time :)

  8. Those signs are funny... I thought there might be one that said, "Ancient"


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