Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Book Riot YA Quarterly Box #5 Unveiling

I always look forward to the arrival of my Quarterly Book Riot box. This was the fourth issue of the YA version of their regular Quarterly Box.

Book Riot is a very popular book blog and now has TWO Quarterly book related boxes. For $50 (each box costs $55 with shipping), they will send you a box filled with books and book related items every quarter. The YA box is obviously YA related, but the non-book items aren't really kiddish. They appeal to people of all ages. But at the same time, they aren't obviously adult - like a book related flask, which I received in the general box. The general box has adult books of all different genres (even a Ms. Marvel trade one time) and fun bookish items.

Unfortunately, this is the last YA Quarterly box. Book Riot is planning to do something different, so I'm curious to see what that will be. I'm actually kinda happy it's ending. I'm glad I subscribed to it, but there were too many things that weren't interesting to me.

Here is the box and its contents:

The box upon opening

Book Riot had been playing this book up lately. I'm excited to get a copy, because it sounds super interesting.

So excited for this! I've seen this book at the book store lately, and it's intrigued me every time.

A cute water bottle, but probably not something I'll use.

Some swag. I really only like the bookmark. You can never have enough bookmarks.

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  1. Burn Baby Burn is high on my reading list. It's gotten fabulous reviews. I also like the sound of "Tyranny of Petticoats". I ordered both for my library.


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