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Feature & Follow Friday #67

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Our Feature - Life Between Pages

Hello everyone! My name is Sophie, and I am pretty new to the world of book blogging. I originally started my blog as a way for me to get motivated and start reading the piles of books I have accumulated in my house and never read. I have so many that it started to get confusing!

I must admit that I've been a pretty lazy reader the past few years, and so many of the titles you see me writing about are those that you might be quite familiar with. Don't get me wrong, reading is a great passion of mine, but life has just got in the way. Now though I figure it's time to MAKE more time because, frankly, the books and my blog are so worth it. :-))

Q.If you could have characters from a particular book meet and form an epic storyline with characters from a particular TV series, which would you choose and why?

This is a bad question for me, since I don't watch much TV at all. I'll base my answers on TV shows I watched when I was younger:

1. Boy Meets World and Don Calame's Swim the Fly and Beat the Band
-A bunch of goofy, dorky boys who think they're cooler than they are.

2. Full House and Cheaper By The Dozen (the book not the movie)
-I don't know why. It just came to mind.

3. Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Hex Hall series
-Well, they're both witches. I think Sophie and Sabrina would get along.

4. Hannah Montana and Secrets of my Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita
-Hannah Montana is a guilty pleasure of mine. Kaitlyn is much less hyper than Miley/Hannah, but their personalities are somewhat similar.

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  1. Very interesting question this week, and I'm the same as the featured blogger, Sophie. Starting a book blog was the perfect way to get me to get reading more books! I was getting super lazy there...

  2. Sophie and Sabrina? They would be SO hilarious together! I remember loving Sabrina the Teenage Witch when I was a kid, and the Hex Hall series is just amazing on its own. Imagining them together is so much fun! :)

    Here's my Follow Friday! And you can still enter the first giveaway and second giveaway in my Autumn BookFest if you want!

    Awesome answers this week, Alison! I hope you have an amazing weekend! :)

  3. Interesting picks! Think this will be a good question this week!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  4. I am actually just listening to "Secrets of my Hollywood Life" and LOVING it!! (I picked it up on audible because it was cheap, but it is just great!)

    I love the Sabrina/Hex Hall match up :)

  5. Wow... I remember those shows - it was so long ago. Boy Meets World, Sabrina, yeeeah, good times! Sabrina and Sophie would be perfection!


  6. I love number 3! I didn't think of it, but I love Sabrina and would be willing to see her in any cross over book or show!

  7. Sabrina and Hex Hall? I haven't actually read Hex Hall yet, but from what I've heard about it, I'd be willing to give that crossover a shot!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Sabrina and Sophie are a great combination.

    Have an amazing weekend!
    Erika@Let's talk about books

  9. Those are just TOO awesome! I love your list! this question was so great as it really got me thinking :P

    - Kylie @ The Talking Teacup

  10. They all look like interesting choices! At least the ones I'm familiar with, but I'm sure the rest are as well! I love seeing the answers for this awesome question. :)

    My epic storyline!

  11. lol I also love the Sabrina and Sophie reply! Old Follower hopping thru. Check out my response at Gimme The Scoop Reviews

  12. Sabrina and the Hex Halls. Perfect. I would never have thought of those two. Excellent answer. Don't tell but I watch Hannah every once in a while too. LOL!

    My Follow Friday!


  13. Hi Alison! I accidentally linked the wrong page the first time. If it's not too much trouble could you delete #84, my 1st entry?

    Also, I'd love to see a Full House and Cheaper by the Dozen crossover, haha!

  14. Thank you so much for featuring me, Alison! And some great answers! I loved Boy Meets World and Sabrina when I was a kid/teen, too. :D

  15. Hey Alison!
    Great answers, especially for someone who doesn't watch that much TV :) Who didn't love Boy Meets World back in the day??
    Have a great one,
    Ninja Girl

  16. Full House and Cheaper by the Dozen is a good choice! I'd love to see that too!

    Have a great weekend!

    The Musings of ALMYBNENR

  17. I liked Full House and Cheaper by the Dozen...throw in Brady Bunch and what a hoot!


  18. I love Hannah Montana!!! =) I haven't read Secrets of My Hollywood life, though.. :P

  19. Hey Alison! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend :)

  20. How cool Love the ideas. Stopping in from Follow me friday new follower here...

  21. Hopping through. This will be a very interesting question, Alison! Have a great Friday.

    The Overnight Bestseller

  22. Sabrina the Teenage Witch was one of my favorites. My new favorite is in book form WITCH SONG by Amber Argyle. Different but similar in so many ways.

    Thanks for sharing on Friday Follow. I am heading over to her blog right now.

  23. I used to watch Boy Meets World religiously when I was younger. I wanted to be like Topanga. LOL. Great choice.

    JJ iReads
    My TGIF

  24. All your answers are all so well thought out. great picks. Thanks for hopping by:)

  25. Alison, I think my favorite is #4
    As always thank you for hoping by,

  26. I haven't read the books you mentions but I love, love Cheaper By the Dozen and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

  27. OMG! I miss Boy Meets World!!!! I loved that show. It was like one of my fave shows when I was younger!


  28. Boy Meets World!!! Love it. :) Great choices. Thanks for stopping by my blog. ^_^ Happy Follow Friday!

  29. I've never read any of the books you listed, but I've seen all the shows you listed and based on your descriptions, it sounds like they'd be a fun mesh. :)

  30. First time I've ever participated in a FF.
    All of your choices were great. For some reason the idea of Hercule Poirot being teamed with LeroyJethro Gibbs from NCIS tickles my fancy. I'm a follower.

  31. I used to watch Sabrina religiously growing up! I've yet to read Hex Hall but I think I'll have to get a move on seeing as you've meshed the two. I'm an old follower hopping through :)

  32. Oh you're right ! Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Hex Hall series would be perfect ! I didn't think of it !

  33. Hi Alison! Love your choices due to the throwback nature of the first couple of TV shows. I've been wanting to read Hex Hall and am now thinking I should do it sooner rather than later!

    Oh, and I gave it some thought and you may be on to something... Evie and Buffy probably would not be fast friends, but I guess that would be part of the fun!

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. I think Boy Meets World mashed with anything would be awesome. Or even how about The Wonder Years. I didn't even think to go with some of my old favorites. I should have done something with Saved By The Bell. Next time...

    Thanks for stopping by.

    BTW, I hope you enjoy reading Zsadist's story. He is my absolute favorite.

    Danielle @Ramblings From This Chick

  36. Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Hex Hall would be awesome. Great choice.

  37. Old follower just hopping through. Those are some great combinations! The prospect of a less-annoying Hannah Montana sounds interesting! :)

    Stop by Untouchable Treasure and enter to win great prizes in my two new giveaways! Here and here!


  38. I love Full House and Sabrina. I haven't came across Cheaper by the Dozen book yet but I can imagine the sibs will be hilarious. I've only been exposed to summaries regarding Hex Hall but I think it would be interesting to see them crossover.

  39. hmmm....can't say I've read any of those books, though the Hex Hall series has been on my TBR forever.

    this was such a terrible question (in the sense that it spotlights my crazy and, therefore, is evil, not that it's actually a terrible question).

    Here's PiF's. Have a great weekend!

  40. Sabrina and Hex Hall would be a really awesome mix!!

  41. Fun interview! And omg, Boy Meets World, I used to LOVE that show! And yeah, crossing them with the boys in Calame's books would be kind of epic, especially any time Eric would get involved!


  42. Hey Alison!

    You're going old school with your answers, aren't you?! lol Love it!

    Happy Blog Hop!

    Lisa Jo @ Once Upon A Chapter


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