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Manga Mondays (42): Fruits Basket vol. 19 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket vol. 19 by Natsuki Takaya


As the Fruits Basket saga continues, the relationship between Tohru and Kyo becomes increasingly complicated, especially since most of the members of the Zodiac seem to look down on him. Tohru comes to the realization that if she wants to save Kyo, she'll have to create some sort of trigger to break his curse. But what, if anything, can cure Kyo? (courtesy of Goodreads)


*My "reviews" of manga are a combination of a summary and a review. It's hard for me to really talk about a volume of manga without going in depth with the plot. So if you're really concerned about spoilers, beware.

In this volume, Tohru and Kyo are getting increasingly closer to being "together." Kyo is so in love with Tohru that it's obvious to all the Sohmas and Tohru is finally close to admitting that she loves Kyo-kun. Tohru is afraid that if she loves Kyo, she'll lose the memory of her mother.

Much of the book is about how the other members of the Zodiac look down on Kyo. Their loves are so difficult being cursed that it's nice to know that Kyo's life is worse. There's a great scene with Shigure and Tohru where he's explaining this to her. I love seeing Shigure (1) in Western clothes and (2) acting serious. He is so handsome when he's not joking around. I love that we're increasingly seeing this side of him in the last volumes.

Of course, we revisit Yuki with his student council colleagues: Machi, Kakeru, and Kimi. Kimi is her annoying self as always. Yuki definitely has a thing for Machi. I was really surprised to discover that Yuki views Tohru as a mother-figure. I thought for sure that he was in love with her. Kind of weird, but I suppose it eliminates the competition with Kyo.

Another highlight of this volume is seeing post-puberty Momiji! He sprouted up overnight into a handsome young man. He doesn't wear the girlish sailor suit any more but he's still Momiji with his bunny backpack. Poor kid is in love with Tohru, but realizes that Kyo has the better chance.

Everything is moving quickly in these last volumes as Takaya tries to get in all the mythology, character developments, and conflicts necessary for the big finish.


  1. It seems like this series has really great characters. You seem to be fairly attached to them and enjoy seeing them grow, which is always a good thing as characters for me make or break the story:)

  2. As someone who's yet to read Manga, I find it fascinating that there's actual character development in them...colour me naiive. Fab review, Alison! I love reading your take on these :)

  3. Sounds very interesting. I've been thinking about picking up some manga to see how I would like it. I thought I might start with Inuyasha (I loved the cartoon) but this one sounds interesting as well. Hm..

  4. I really should read this series -- It's super-popular at my library.


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