Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Book Lists

2010 Book Lists

I didn't begin reading book blogs until early 2010. One of the first blogs that I fell in love with was Steph Su Reads. What impressed me more than anything else on her blog was her incredibly extensive 2009 Book Lists (also check out her 2010 Book Lists). There were dozens (maybe a hundred) books mentioned, separated into every category a reader could think of. These lists were so helpful to me. I think I've about ten books based on her lists alone.

I began my blog in June 2010 partially because I was so inspired by Steph's blog and her book lists. So it's only fitting that I'm doing my own this year. I am shamelessly copying Steph's format, because I loved it.

I took almost all the books I read this year and split them into a variety of categories. Many of the books will be repeated on several lists. I hope that if you're looking for a book that fulfills certain criteria, these lists will be helpful.

I really hope you love these posts (Because...umm...I've spent hours and hours preparing them. I'm guessing about 30 hours over the past month, maybe more.). Empty flattery will be welcomed. :-)

A lot of the books in the lists do not have reviews posted on my blog yet. As I post them, I will update the lists. I would like this to be a resource that readers can come back to all year long, not just in December 2010.

The Lists will be split into seven posts:

1. Contemporary Fiction - This category is so big that it gets its own post

2. Best writing; For Twilight Lovers; Edgy; Foodie Fiction

3. Boy POV; Middle Grade; Something Different; Kick-butt Girls

4. Paranormal Day: Vampires; Faeries; Werewolves; Witches; Angels; Other Paranormal

5. Cross-Over Adult; High Fantasy; Books That Make You Think; Historical Fiction

6. Gossipy; Best Romance; People Of Color; Books To Cry Over ; Fluffy Books

7. Top 10 books; Top 10 covers; Top 10 CDs; Top 10 songs

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  1. Ah, I LOVE lists! I'm so looking forward to reading yours. Thanks for taking the time to put them all together :)


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