Saturday, July 31, 2010

In My Mailbox (6)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren.

Today (July 31) is my husband's birthday. Happy birthday!


What better way to celebrate a birthday than with books. My husband loves thrillers (Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, etc) and fantasy (Fabelhaven series, Ranger's Apprentice). I picked out a Daniel Silva book and two YA thrillers. I want to read the YA books; I've heard good things about them.

Silverfin (Young Bond) by Charlie Higson
Maximum Ride by James Patterson
The Defector by Daniel Silva

Library Stash

Wings by Aprilynne Pike (almost done; very good)
Linger by Maggie Stiefvater (Wahoo!!!)
Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

The Ghost And The Goth by Stacey Kade

CD Of The Week
Neon Bible by Arcade Fire


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  2. Oops, meant to say Happy Birthday to your husband!
    Enjoy all your books!! Can't wait to hear what you think about Linger!

    Kerleisha @ Collegiate Bookworm

  3. Fantastic books you have there!
    Lucky you for having a library near you that has an updated selection of YA books - libraries here in my country are kind of... err.. outdated..

    Happy reading!

    <a href=">Eep! Geek!</a>

  4. Great books this week! Happy reading to your and your husband :)

  5. I have Linger on hold at the library - I can't wait til I get it.

  6. Ahh I wish my library had some of those great books! And hope you enjoy Maximum Ride- they're some of the first thrillers I've ever read, and pretty darn good!

  7. Ah, nice books! I haven't read them myself, but from what I hear, they're all great. Enjoy!

  8. You should read Light of Asteria-- it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Love the music feature :) I just got The Ghost and the Goth this week too, i also need to hurry up and read Sisters Read. It's awesome that your library got it in already!

  10. paranormalcy--she actually says bleep in place of swear words( bleep) its quite cute actually.

  11. Nice books this week! I haven't heard of those YA thrillers, but I've heard of Maximum Ride before. I'd like to hear what you think of Sisters Red. The cover looks so pretty, but I'm a little hesitant.

    On my blog, you asked me about the book covers I get, and my answer is: mostly US, however sometimes I prefer the UK covers so I opt for them instead...or in the way of contests it's all just a big surprise! Australia does get their own covers some of the time, but they take TOO LONG to release, and it's not worth the wait anyway.

  12. i'm reading sisters red - good so far. I loved linger too

  13. Great books! Enjoy reading them.
    My first IMM post-

  14. There are some great books in your mailbox! Have fun reading them all :)

  15. hey Allison! I did really enjoy Gone and I don't particularly care for dystopian books either. :D

  16. Hey Allison!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! You asked what some of my favorite mangas are and here's a list:

    Fruits Basket (was my first manga. will always be my favorite)

    One Piece (love love the characters in this one)

    Vampire Knight

    :) That's just a few. Do you like mangas?

    I'm a new follower :)

  17. I loved both Maximum Ride and Wings--great picks!

  18. Hi again :)

    Yeah i really loved the Fruits Baskets series. The ending is very satisfying.

    I really like your idea for that Manga Monday. Would you mind if maybe I started one like that on my blog?

  19. You look like you have a very full mailbox. :)


  20. Wings and Maximum Ride are great books. Maximum Ride is a really addicting series--make sure you have the sequels at the ready! :)

  21. I LOVE Silverfin & Young James Bond. Hope you like it!


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