Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Book Musings

There are three main things on my plate right now: Reading, blogging, and fiction writing. It seems that I can do two at a time well, but not three. The past few days, I've been doing reading and writing. I'm still posting to the blog but got really lazy about commenting back. I'll try to rectify that tonight.

I started Only The Good Spy Young by Ally Carter yesterday afternoon. I finished it yesterday evening. Oh. My. Gosh. It was so good! It caught me from the very first page, something Ally Carter's books don't usually do. I could not put it down.

I started Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta this morning. I'm only 30 pages in and I'm struggling. I don't get it. Clearly, 30 pages is not enough to understand what's going on, but I don't have a clue of the ultimate plot. The writing is excellent though, so I will soldier on. But tonight, I'm feeling the urge to blog and write over the urge to read.

What was the last book you couldn't put down - the last book where like just stopped while you read?


  1. The Twilight Saga was the last time real life faded away completely as I read. My mum had the same experience with those books, despite her misgivings, and ended up saving them for her days off work and getting all her chores done in advance so she could just read! (NOT like her at all, she loves books but she doesn't use her whole day off on them like me!). The Shadow of the Wind definitely got me as well, hook line and sinker, I couldn't stop reading...

  2. I would agree with Twilight but have now moved onto other books in young adult area. yeah me

  3. Nice to meet you. Great blog!
    Thanks for stopping by at the Hop.

    :) Melissa

  4. You sound just like me--it's hard to divide your day up when you really want to read, write AND blog all at the same time. I'm paralyzed with choice sometimes. Especially considering the fantastic pile of TBR's waiting for me AND my characters yelling at me to get them out of the trouble they're currently in!

    Good luck!

  5. The Gallagher Girls are a great series. I've read the first three and devoured them quickly and can't wait to buy No. 4.

  6. Harry Potter series or Song of the Sparrow. Lancelot de Lethe was also really good.

    And thanks for the comment on the blog. (I see you've got a whole group of followers for this amazing blog). Nice job!
    Happy writing,


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