Monday, December 22, 2014

Doctor Who Experience Photos!

I have a few more photos from my UK trip to share. I promise I'll get back to posting book reviews soon!

One day of our trip was spent in Cardiff at the Doctor Who Experience. It's a 2 hour train ride from London, which made for a long (and very expensive) day trip. It was so worth it!!!

It started with a short interactive experience where you went on an adventure with the Doctor. Then there were two floors full of old sets, costumes, and props. I loved that.

We didn't have much time to spend in Cardiff. The only other thing we did was walk around the Bay and see the Millennium Centre, which was gorgeous, especially at night. Then we took the train back to London.

Here are a few photos:

The Tenth Doctor's TARDIS!! They actually filmed the scenes from the 50th Anniversary right at the Doctor Who Experience because the set was here.

Tenth Doctor's Costume - can you tell I'm a fan?

The Moment. And all three TARDISes!

Gotta appreciate the scarf.

Eleventh Doctor's costume.

The Twelfth Doctor's costume has grown on me

Rose's costume from Journey's End

Captain Jack! With a little of Martha at the side

Yay, Donna!

Amy's policewoman costume

Weeping angel

Love an ood


The Face of Boe!!!

One of the crayola Daleks

I believe this a model from the set of Time of the Doctor (not my favorite episode)

Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS

Costumes from Robot of Sherwood, probably my favorite episode of the season, even though it was silly

What's under the blanket?


  1. OMG! I would love to be on that set someday! Those TARDISES look fantastic. You did have a great time, didn't you? :D
    Were the casts there?

  2. It must've been brilliant seeing all the costumes and aliens! Definitely would've loved to see a weeping angel but they have always creeped me out!

  3. This is sooo neat! In a couple of weeks I am going to the Marvel Experience in Dallas, TX. I hope it's as cool as this one.

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