Monday, December 8, 2014

Book Riot Quarterly Box #5 Unveiling

I always look forward to the arrival of my Quarterly Book Riot box. I wish it came more often, although of course then it wouldn't be a special event. Luckily, Box #5 (the fourth box I've received) was fantastic. I think it may be my favorite one yet!

Book Riot is a very popular book blog and recently created a quarterly subscription box. For $50, they will send you a box filled with books and book related items every quarter. This is their fourth box and the third one that I received. I've loved them all. If you haven't subscribed yet, I highly recommend it. It's always a lovely surprise.

Here is the box and its contents:

The box upon opening.

Little lemon Shakespeare candies! I'm not a big hard candy fan, but this is definitely worth a try. And I love the packaging.

Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi is a book that I've heard of, but don' t know much about. I'm curious.

An essay by Ms. Oyeyemi that came along with the book -
for some reason I can't type anything below the photo. Only a caption.
Temporary tattoos. Not really my thing, but I like the idea.

A coupon for book iPhone chargers by Booksi, which is an Etsy shop. I'm really intrigued and want to look at their collection.

This is the coolest hat!! I'm really into knit hats lately. This is my favorite thing in the box.

My second favorite thing in the box. I've heard so much about this new comic. I'm really excited to read it.

The whole box.


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  2. I wasn't as thrilled with this quarter's box compared to the previous ones. I hadn't the comic off to my husband and when he finished, he did say I should read it. I love the hat though. :) It's cold here in Iowa and I did need a new winter cap.

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews


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