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Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho

Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho

Release Date:
September 1, 2015
Source: Purchased


Magic and mayhem collide with the British elite in this whimsical and sparkling debut.

At his wit’s end, Zacharias Wythe, freed slave, eminently proficient magician, and Sorcerer Royal of the Unnatural Philosophers—one of the most respected organizations throughout all of Britain—ventures to the border of Fairyland to discover why England’s magical stocks are drying up.

But when his adventure brings him in contact with a most unusual comrade, a woman with immense power and an unfathomable gift, he sets on a path which will alter the nature of sorcery in all of Britain—and the world at large… (courtesy of Goodreads)


I finally read this book after hearing the people on Book Riot drool over it for months. I'm so glad I did. It's definitely like nothing I've read before.

You will like this if:

1. You like Jane Austen and fantasy
2. If you're willing to be patient with a slow start
3. If you like a weirdly hilarious relationship between Zacharias and the ghost of his mentor/father.
4. If you love female leads with spunk and a bold, forthright nature. Prunella is preternaturally sure of herself, in a way that sometimes seems too much, but generally works out well.
5. If you love semi-emo, shy male lades. Zacharias is the kind of guy an quiet girl lusts after. Thoughtful and introverted. Strong ties to duty and loyalty. Carefully hides the *understandable* chip on his shoulder of being mistreated by magical society because he's black.
6. If you're looking to read fiction with lead characters of color.
7. If you love subtle romances (very subtle) - luckily, I do.

This is a slow book, but I feel like it was written that way purposely. It something you're supposed to sit down with a giant mug of tea and enjoy. And enjoy you will.

Recommendation: Buy if you fall into any of the above categories.

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