Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dogs and Books

Are you a dog lover and a book lover?

I feel like people talk about book lovers being cat people all the time. Less common are discussions about book lovers who are dog people. Why is that? I think it's based on stereotypes. Book lovers are often assumed to be women and that those women are introverts who would rather sit with a book and a kitty on their laps than take a dog for a walk. Plenty of these people exist, but I think it covers only a small portion of the book loving population.

I love books - obviously. I also like cats. I have a cat. She often sits in my lap when I read. But I am most definitely a dog person. I like my cat; I adore my dog with ever fiber of my being. My ideal reading spot is sitting in my armchair that overlooks the backyard. My doggy is lying next to me with his head and paws on my lap. Nothing could be better than that. I'm a lot like the stereotypical introverted women, only I prefer a dog on my lap while I read.

In fact, I think an association between dog lovers and book lovers makes perfect sense. Being with my dog is an escape from the real world.  Whether we're cuddling, going on a walk, or playing with his toys, my time with my doggy is lived in the moment. It's the same escape I strive for in books. To be transported to a happy place. Of course, just like books can disappoint us, so can dogs. The feeling I get when a book I was excited about turns out to be a dud is a similar frustration to when my doggy counter-surfs or tears apart my backpack to find food. (It's not actually the same feeling, but you get my point).

I thought I'd honor the love for both dogs and books with this series of photos and links to Etsy items. Christmas list?

Etsy Items

Bulldog SLEEP STUDY dog Print Dictionary Page Original Unique giftt book page art print up cycled

Paw print folded book art - gift for dog lover

Pug coloring book art pages, Dog adult coloring book, coloring pages, adult coloring pages, coloring book for adults, printable

Funny animal ART- Golden Retriever tango dancers - Wall decor Unique Gift- Funny Dog wall hanging - Poster Print art funny poster BPAN139

Boy & Golden Retriever Pet Dog Reading Book in Meadow Children Watercolor Painting Print, Wall Art, Home Decor, "Dog's Best Friend" by Stein

Beagle Reading a Book Dog Art PRINT 11x14 JSCHMETZ modern abstract folk pop art american ART gift

2 border collies sitting on a pillow, reading together, photograph of Pillow Talk, a whimsical sculpture by Florence Chik-Lau

He Thinks He's People

Disney Dogs -  6 Little Golden Books  - Dollhouse Miniature - 1:12 scale - dollhouse nursery toy books  Lady, Tramp, Dalmatuons, Shaggy Dog

cat and dog necklace, book necklace, books pendant, pet lover, pet gift, dog lover, cat lover,cat gift, miniature journal, cat

Vintage Cat Dog in Library READ Altered Art GLASS Pendant Charm Necklace

Small Zipper Pouch, Winter Pleasure Reading, Fireplace, Dog, Books Coin Purse

Books Dog Collar Size XS, S, M, L

Classic Books Martingale Dog Collar - 2 Inch - literature reading Gone with the Wind Exodus book binding volume library

Harry Potter Adjustable Dog Collar

Harry Potter Gryffindor House inspired crocheted yarn wizard dog Scarf


  1. That dog in the "How to Pick up Bitches" looks very much like my dog! I'm a huge dog person. not so much cats -- mostly because the vast majority of my family is highly allergic to cats (not me, though.) Cute post! I'd like to get that dog book collar, but she'd probably just get it all dirty. maybe for special occasions?

  2. Love this!!!! Me and my Labrador and my Rat Terrier!!!! Yes! Dogs and books!!

  3. Thank You! It is so great to have books ad dogs! Two of the greatest things on the planet. Thank you from a book/dog lover! Love the photos.

  4. My cat is my reading buddy - maybe - sort of because he drools and does everything possible to push my book away lol but he's always by my side BUT I could never be without my dogs. they hang with me more while I'm blogging.

    I guess they know when I'm reading I'm not to be disturbed lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth


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