Thursday, April 10, 2014

Your Dream Summer Book Camp?

Anderson's Bookshop outside of Chicago is hosting a Divergent book camp this summer. It's a week long day camp. Each day will focus on one of the five factions: Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite.

This sounds like something I would have loved as a teen. It made me think of what kind of book summer camp I would have wanted to go to when I was 13. Here are a few that I would have loved most:

The Babysitter's Club: I stopped reading BSC books when I was in 8th grade, but I still secretly loved them. This camp could have been great for baby-sitting training and leadership skills

Sweet Valley High: Such silly books, but they sure were addictive. What would you do for an SVH camp? Maybe surf? Go shopping? Dye your hair blonde and try to get down to "the perfect size 6?" Not that interesting of a camp, but I did love the books.

Historical Fiction Camp: I was obsessed with Ann Rinaldi's historical fiction books when I was 13. My favorites were ones set around the Revolutionary War period. War reenactment? I think I would have preferred dressing up in colonial dresses and learning how to cook and sew (I was/am such a girl). I also loved one set during the Salem Witch Trials - now that would reflect teenage life a bit too realistically.

Anne of Green Gables Camp: I loved anything related to L.M. Montgomery when I was 13. Avonlea was my favorite TV show. I adored the Anne of Green Gables movies. An Anne camp would definitely have a field trip to Prince Edward Island. We would recite The Lady of Shalott floating down a river. Go to a ball wearing puffed sleeves. And so much more.

What kind of book camp would you have wanted to go to when you were about 13?


  1. Ooh, definitely an Anne of Green Gables camp. Or a My Side of the Mountain camp. Back then, I was obsessed with striking out on my own (not running away but surviving the wilderness).

  2. How about a Harry Potter camp? I think lots of kids would go for that one.

  3. Okay, I was obessed with Annimoroph books, do you remember those. I love those books.

  4. I'm right there with you on Anne of Green Gables and The Babysitter's Club camps! I read all of those SO MANY TIMES! :)

  5. I loved BSC and Sweet Valley High when I was a kid. :D

    Can I go to Artemis Fowl camp or Tunnels camp?

  6. Oh wow... when I was 13??? I was totally reading Fear Street. I think I was just starting to stop reading them. I think we as a Summer Camp would go to graveyards... or houses said to be haunted!!

  7. Harry Potter camp obvs! Or Half Blood Camp, which is already a summer camp. Both could potentially be dangerous activity-wise, but that's not important when you get to pretend you're a witch or a demi-god, right?

  8. A literary themed camp is such an innovative idea! Sure beats out the horrendous school camps I remember...

  9. AHHH!!!! This Divergent camp seems like the my type of thing. I looooove Divergent! <4


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