Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Guest Post - 3 Books That I Can't Stop Rereading the Kissing Scenes In

*While I'm in Europe - I'm on a cruise right now - we're docked in Mallorca in Spain today! - I've lined up some fabulous guest posters. Please welcome Jessica from Thoughts at One in the Morning!

My name is Jessica. I am 27 years old. Aside from reading, I enjoy writing, collecting vintage toys, and having TV on DVD marathons (especially of Castle). I also love lemurs.

My blog, Thoughts At One In The Morning, was started in March 2011. I wanted a way to connect with other people who loved books like me and share my thoughts on books I've read. Needless to say, it has developed into so much more than that. I have discussions on books, writing, reading, blogging, and other non-bookish obsessions. I have made a lot of wonderful friends and learned about some amazing books I probably never would have discovered otherwise.

The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols

Lori wants to be noticed by the love of her life, Sean Vader. So she and decides to make Sean jealous by pretending to go out with his brother, Adam... only Lori doesn't realize that Adam may not be pretending after all. In the midst of their "going out" they share a moment on the dock to prove to everyone they're into each other. It's not just the kiss that makes the scene, it's the context and the conversation between them. Lori and Adam are beyond adorable, and it's obvious something more is at play as he teaches her how to kiss. Add in the heat of the summer and it just melts you away.

Summer in the City by Elizabeth Chandler

Jamie thinks she needs to go for a different kind of guy, one that's not a jock who turns out to really be a jerk. So she goes for Andrew, a poet, instead of after Josh, the lacrosse coach. After Andrew writes a poem about their kiss and shares it with the world, she makes a bet with Josh claiming the kiss Andrew described wasn't with her. How can they prove it? By kissing as described in the poem. This kiss... completely swoon-worthy. It is one of those kisses that starts before the lips meet. Even though this scene lasts a long time, you want it to be longer. And even though it isn't happening to you, you react the same way Jamie does when it ends.

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

Kate is dealing with a lot at the moment--family troubles and the sudden drifting away by her best friend. While she's working for her dad at his vitamin stand at the mall, she finds out Will works at the mall too. Will is that guy, the one you think would never commit, that knows how gorgeous he is. Despite knowing all this, when he kisses her, she kisses back. She tries to fight it but for some reason she can't. It becomes this pleasant distraction from all the bad things going on around her. The quirky banter between the two of them makes you laugh. You are sucked into the nearly enemies with benefits kissing. Yet, you wonder if they are enemies after all.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I remember when all of the YA romance books looked like The Boys Next Door. I am SO GLAD that changed. Bahahaha.

  2. I love a good kissing scence myself! I haven't read The Boys Next Door yet. I have mixed feelings about Jennifer Echols. I loved Major Crush, but HATED Love Story. But I do what to check that book out.

    The other books here look interesting, too. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. I love kissing scenes! I read The Boys Next Door earlier this year and it was really cute, but I haven't read the other two. Going to have to mark them down. And I agree with Christina, thank god YA romance covers have changed! lol
    Thanks for sharing, Jess and Alison!

  4. Love all of these authors! All of them are love dovery and great kissy scenes!!

  5. Oh my gosh! I haven't read even one of these! I'm all for a good kiss scene. I need to get reading!

  6. awww I have read The Boys Next Door and Perfect You so know what you are talking about! but Summer in the City sounds AWESOME!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  7. Hi,
    just joined your Follow for Follow Friday Hop and followed your blog. Great job!

  8. You have no idea how much I love kissing scenes. You just made my life lmao. All are added to my Amazon wishlist!

    Great guest post!!

  9. Kissing scenes are my absolute favorite! Haha, I'm glad that there's a whole community of people who re-read those scenes. (: I just added all these books to my TBR! Great post.

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