Monday, July 18, 2011

Margie Gelbwasser (Author of Inconvenient) This or That

I'm so happy to welcome Margie Gelbwasser who wrote the wonderful book Inconvenient to Alison Can Read as part of Teen Book Scene's blog tour.

Margie is doing a This or That post today.

1. Paper book or E-reader

Paper book, hands down. I just can't stare at the screen long to read, and I love how a book feels.

2. New York City or Los Angeles

I have never been to LA, so it's gotta be NY. :-)

3. Computer or Television

Both? That's cheating, I know. But I like computer for games and e-mail and TV to watch shows. I HATE watching shows on the computer.

4. Writing or Reading

That's like a chicken or egg question! If no one wrote, nothing to read. So, I'm going to be lame, and say both again. Reading is great for escape and relaxation. Writing keeps my brain moving.

5. Watch a movie in the theater or Watch DVD at home

I have a 4 year old, so it's DVD or I see no movies. :-)

6. Cookies or Brownies

Cookies! So many more choices for cookies. AND they make brownie cookies so win-win!

7. Realistic Fiction or Fantasy/Paranormal

There have been fantasy/paranormal that I have loved (shout out to Harry Potter!), but I'm usually a realistic fiction girl.

8. Facebook or Twitter

Definitely FB. FB has games!

9. Check out book from library or Buy book from store

Both. I LOVE libraries and always want that option, but I like to own books too, especially if my friends wrote them.


  1. Great idea for an interview. I would cheat and say both for a lot of those too.

  2. Heh, I love that she said "both" for three of the questions. I don't think it's cheating though :)

  3. Nice, short interview and it reveals a lot. I'd say both to some questions, too.

  4. I really want a brownie cookie now. Or just a regular cookie, I'm not picky:) I'm definitely a paper book girl as well, I love my e-reader, but nothing beats an actual book in your hands!

  5. I love This or That interviews. They are especially fun when you find yourself agreeing. Though I have to say the more paperbacks are eating up room in my house, I'm coming to find that I'm preferring my e-reader.

  6. I enjoyed reading this interview and getting to know the writers a little bit more!

    Thank you for stopping by and visiting!

    Happy Reading,


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