Thursday, October 29, 2015

YA Quarterly Box #3 Unveiling

I always look forward to the arrival of my Quarterly Book Riot box. This was the third issue of the YA version of their regular Quarterly Box.

Book Riot is a very popular book blog and now has TWO Quarterly book related boxes. For $50 (each box costs $55 with shipping), they will send you a box filled with books and book related items every quarter. The YA box is obviously YA related, but the non-book items aren't really kiddish. They appeal to people of all ages. But at the same time, they aren't obviously adult - like a book related flask, which I received in the general box. The general box has adult books of all different genres (even a Ms. Marvel trade one time) and fun bookish items.

I felt like this box had less items than in the past. However, I like the items that were included, which isn't always the case. Apparently, temporary tattoos were supposed to come with the box, but I didn't find them. I wouldn't have used them anyway, so I didn't mind. Plus, the note included in the box offers three book recommendations made only to subscribers - which is a (free) extra for the book.

Overall, I may cancel this one before the next box. I'm having a hard time deciding. There are a lot of great book subscription boxes out there now. I may try exploring a different one.

Here is the box and its contents:

The two books - both look spooky and good. Halloween themed.

Love this print. Not sure if I'll keep it - I'll have to see if I can find a good place to put it - but I really like it.

This looks like it would be really useful. And cute.

Here's the lot.


  1. Fight Evil Read Books is certainly a very weird title with a weirder cover

  2. I felt like this box was a little disappointing. Since I'm in Canada, I also have to deal with exchange rates and extra shipping, so in the end, it isn't often worth the price. Do you have any recommendations for boxes with cheaper rates or better international shipping costs?

  3. I was curious to see what you think. I actually just canceled my adult one because it just was not doing it for me. After this one I kind of felt. eh. Uppercase and Owlcrate have been so good that these just keep falling flat

  4. Both the books look good and I like the print. Not sure it's all worth $55, though. Thanks for sharing your loot and opinions!

  5. I love the page markers! They are so cute! I also like the print, but I'm with you, I wouldn't know if I would keep it if I had it. It just doesn't go with anything that I have. :/

    Erin @ The Hardcover Lover


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