Thursday, January 10, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday #131

Welcome to the Feature & Follow

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How To Become a Featured Blog?

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Our Feature - Never Too Fond of Books

1. When did you start blogging?

Technically, I started my book blog in July of 2011, but I didn't start blogging in earnest until January 1, 2012. That was when I decided that this was something I was going to work at and that I really wanted to be a part of this community.

2. What is your favorite part of book blogging?

I'm primarily a young adult fiction girl, with a bit of adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance thrown in. Honestly - I'm really all over the place, but I do have my favorites that I always come back to.

3. What is your favorite book(s)?

There is no one single favorite book. They all have such unique and individual personalities that I can't possibly choose between them. When I'm sad and need comfort, I want to go find solace in the arms of Jericho Barrons (yes, I really do find comfort there). When I want to read about best friends, I dive into the pages of Harry Potter. When I need a reminder of loyalty I think of Rose, Lissa, and Dimitri. They're all my favorites.

4. What has been the best thing that has happened to you because of book blogging?

Hands down, going to BEA and meeting Rachel Vincent. And of course some of my other favorite authors (like John Scalzi, Deborah Harkness, RL Stine, Jenny Lawson, Libba Bray, Aimee Carter, and Veronica Roth). But really... Rachel Vincent. That meeting made my whole year. And I never would have gone if I hadn't started blogging and been introduced to the book blogging community.

Q: If you could choose one supernatural being/creature to really exists what would it be and why? ex. fae { submitted by @SeeingNight }

I don't know if I'd really want any of them to be real. Or rather, I wouldn't want to be in a situation where I could be a victim of a supernatural being.

On the other hand, if I was going to choose to be a supernatural being, my first choice would be a witch of the Harry Potter variety. Second choice would probably be a vampire - in the Twilight, Vampire Academy (moroi), or mythologies similar to those.

But I wouldn't want those creatures to exist with me powerless. Who wants to be an Avada-Kedavra'd muggle or have you blood sucked out by a vampire? Eek!

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  1. I definitely would have to have supernatural powers if I wanted supernatural creatures exsisted.


    I can't see the linky or maybe I'm crazy. :o)

  2. If I were to be a supernatural creature - totally witch from HP! But I'm like you, I would be a bit nervous being just an ordinary person when there were supernatural creatures about :)

    I also can't see the link.

  3. Agreed! But it'd be way fun to have an HP witch (Hermione perhaps?) as your best friend. :D My FFs are at Musings on Fantasia and LKHill. Happy Friday!

  4. haha love your answer!! I wouldn't want to be powerless either if supernatural creatures existed!!

    My FF

    Ning @ DABR

  5. Hi Alison. Another good question and another great answer.

    Sorry, but I am having trouble locating your Linky thing again this week. Not sure what's going on.

    Anyway, here's my response @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

    1. Just found out that I could access Linky through Mad Hatter Reads. Hope this helps anyone else who was experiencing difficulties.

  6. For sure if I was going to be a supernatural creature an HP witch for sure. I often imaging having powers, it would be so convenient you know in traffic and such :)

  7. I am with you. I wouldn't want to be surrounded by vampires, zombies or the likes. I would like to keep them locked up safely within the cover of my fiction.

  8. I completely agree! I chose based on what I wouldn't mind coming up against that I love. I agree with you though on if you could be them, definitely a witch. I would love to have the spell power and a vampire wouldn't be too bad, but I like my choice too. Here is my FF. Old Follower :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

  9. HAHA I love your answer!

    Here's my FF

    Old follower! :D

  10. Nice pick, witches are fun, I wanted to be one when I was little!!

    Here's My FF!
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace
    Old Follower :)

  11. Great answer, Alison! I have to say though, I'm a big Faerie fan! I do like the idea of being the one with the supernatural powers, though, so maybe next weeks question should be what creature would we choose to be? ;)
    Happy Friday!

  12. My thoughts exactly on the supe creature! Except I do want them to be real bc I totally want to be one. =P

    New follower and new to the meme! *wave*

    DaVinciKittie @

  13. Great Choices. I didn't think about vampires from VA. I don't know how my mind missed that?! I went with Dragons. I thought if they were like the ones in Eragon it would be really cool to ride one. Happy Friday!

  14. So true. Being powerless sucks. Witches was a good choice!! Moroi? Eh not sure I would have picked that one of course they do have awesome elemental gifts and compulsion which would be awesome to have sometimes. 8) Great answers as usual!! Happy Friday and if you're interested you can check out my FF here: moroi

  15. Haha, great point. I would love many things about being a vampire but the blood just squiggy...ick!!


    Enjoy Guys!
    And Don't Forget To Follow... I Follow Back

  17. When I grab the information about the Follow and Feature Friday and paste it onto my page the picture is the old one. Am I the only one experiencing this. Thanks for hosting.

  18. Wow, that was a very good read. In conclusion, someone who actually thinks and understands what they are talking about. Quite difficult to determine lately, especially on line . I bookmarked your web blog and will make sure to keep return here if this is how you always post. Thanks,

  19. Interesting question :D
    Old follower
    Check out my FF:

  20. LOL about not wanting to be sucked dry!! I'm an old follower stopping by to say hi.

    Here's my FF post for this week.

    Have a fantastic Friday Alison :)

  21. I did think it would be fun to be a Wizard! FF

  22. Hiii!!! THIS IS MY FIRST FF!!!!!! I am so excited!!! I'm a new follower to the two hosts, and the new blog. I would LOVE to be a dragon!

    Here's My FF

    Thank you!

  23. Totally agree! I don't want to have the dangerous versions of said supernaturals wandering about!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  24. dang! this is the second week in a row where I can't see the linky with the participating bloggers. bummer :(

  25. Awesome question! I can't see the linky! Help. :(

    Here's my FF

  26. Hi, I agree with you, if there was supernatural creature I would want powers to protect myself.
    I can't see the linky, so here is my link

  27. Your definitely right, when I answered my FFF post I didn't contemplate my own powers if such mythical creatures are around.

    Old Follower!

    Angelica @ Paperback Princess

  28. Good answer, it would suck for a lot of creatures to exist while I'm powerless.
    Old follower via GFC.
    Here's my FF:
    megan @ love,literature, art, and reason

  29. I wouldn't want to be powerless at the hands, claws, or teeth of a supernatural creature either.

    I went with an HP witch too :)
    Traci @ Mad Hatter Reads
    My FF

  30. I think I would take the HP witches anyway :)

    Have a great Friday :)

    Sugar & Snark

  31. I'd definitely want to be a Witch à la Harry Potter. I'm still wishing ♥ Vampires would be cool too - especially of the Cullen variety ;) Congrats to Never Too Fond of Books for being features & thanks Alison for hosting!

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

  32. Awesome answer. I never though about being powerless. I was all for shape-shifters of some sort. Now I'm not sure. As long as it's not zombies I think I'll be alright.

    Have a great weekend!

    My F&F

  33. I definitely would not want those supernatural beings to exist if I didn't have a gift/power/ability either Alison. If I'm going to live in a world with them, I want to actually be a part of that world, not be stuck on the sidelines:)

  34. I didn't pick vampire for that reason - I think I'd be petrified to leave my room! Ha.

    My FF.

  35. This was a fun one. I wimped out, tho... FFF

    Audrey @ Ink and Page

  36. Yea, even i can't imagine having fire starters (from my novel) be real. I feel like there will be trouble :)

    old follower

  37. My answer is Chimera from Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone because Brimstone was one of my absolute favorite characters.

    Also, where's the linky??

    My FF :

  38. Great question :D I can't imagine living among more things that can hurt us but its exciting to think about anyway

  39. Hey Alison! Happy Friday, I hope you have a great weekend :)

  40. I can't find the linky, whats up? I am making my post, but not wanting to post til I get the code for linky in it :(

  41. Hey guys, its a the other host site, you can enter your own in list from anyone who has it (i do now) and get the code, just FYI. Its up and working at my blog if needed

    Friday Hop Post

  42. LOL good one. Where's the fun if I can't fight back with my own set of superpowers? :D
    Here is my FF.

  43. I'm kind of along the same line of thinking. I would love for witches to exists...but only if I could be a witch! And especially if I could go to Hogwarts! I wouldn't want to be controlled by a supernatural being if I didn't have any defenses.

    - Jackie

  44. No Linky to add to? Here is my FF! We had the same answer, but I didn't think of it from the POV of having supernatural exist, but I'm still ordinary! That would suck!

  45. I chose shapeshifters!

    Here's my link since the linky isn't working:

  46. I've made a free website where you can manage your book collection. I thought you might find it useful :)

    Thanks a lot <3

  47. Awesome Answer. I agree with what you said. =]
    Here is my FF. =]

  48. Good answer, it would be great to meet a witch :)
    New Follower :)
    Here is My FF

  49. Ditto for Harry Potter and the non-existence of vampires! I don't think I would want vampires hanging around...unless Buffy exists. :D

    My FF:

  50. I would be a werewolf from Kelley Armstrong's women of the Otherworld series.

    I don't really like reading about witches but I think it would be cool to be one.

  51. Hey Alison! Happy Friday, have a great weekend ;)


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