Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog Tour: Epic Fail by Claire LeZebnik - Author Tens List

Thank you so much to Claire and Teen Book Scene for allowing me to participate in the book blog tour for Epic Fail by Claire LeZebnik. Check out my review of Epic Fail. I really enjoyed the book.

Please welcome Claire to Alison Can Read.

My top ten favorite ways to procrastinate when I should be writing:

1. Enjoy a slice of coffee cake with a cup of coffee. (You’d think there’d be a limit to how many times a day you can use the coffee/cake excuse to get out of writing, but I’ve yet to find one. You have to pace yourself, of course, but some days, that bitter/sweet combo is all that keeps me going.)

2. Decide I have to exercise because I’ve been eating too much cake; take the dogs for a walk.

3. Feed the cat and beg him to pee in the litter box this time, not on the floor of our bedroom.

4. Clean up the cat pee on the floor of our bedroom. (That isn’t actually one of my favorite things to do but it happens so often you might think it was and it certainly keeps me from working.)

5. Check to see if there are any new posts on Facebook.

6. Check to see if there are any new posts on gofugyourself.com.

7. Check to see if there are any new posts on seriouseats.com.

8. Pick up the little dog and make kissy faces at him, then reassure the big dog that I love him too by rubbing his stomach.

9. Put on some loud music, pretend I’m going to clean up the kitchen, but instead just listen to the music while I push stuff around on the kitchen table.

10. Bake a sour cream coffee cake. You can’t keep eating cake if you run out of it, you know.

Repeat cycle of 10 as often as necessary to keep from being productive.


  1. HAHA Awesome guest post!!! I am an ace procrastinator, if I do say so myself, it's like a second nature... actually it's my default setting. And I totally get the 'checking to see if there's any new stuff on websites' :P

  2. LOL:) Great post! Though I better not follow these steps - I procrastinate enough as it is:)

  3. Lol great list. I love coffee cake. Cant wait to read this book.

  4. Too funny. I agree that cake, exercise, and then more cake sounds like the perfect way to procrastinate!

  5. LOL! This is a great post! I am super excited to read this book. Heard amazing things about it!

  6. Awe. I love making kissy faces with my dog. And bitter/sweet combo is my life's philosophy.

    Fun List. Thanks for sharing.

  7. LOVE THIS!!!! I like to consider myself an expert procrastinator and I use my dogs as enablers a lot of the time. Clearly they need to go on a walk right this minute, it can't possibly wait until after I have my work done:) And I noticed the chocolate in the cabinet is looking a little lonely. I should eat it. And then go buy more:) Can't wait to read this book!

  8. So many ways to kill time...love this list! And, yes, my dogs are a huge part of my procrastination time especially since, as soon as I get started on something, they're there wagging their tails and staring at me with their big doggie eyes. Darn them.
    EPIC FAIL sounds great!
    Mary @ Book Swarm

  9. Hmm...I could probably add a similar list for procrastination and writing! Definitely exercising, cleaning, watching tv, checking out the internet...I'm sure there's more :)

  10. I am amazed that I am ever able to get anything done given the myriad of ways of procrastinating that I have discovered. Glad to see I have such good company in this regard.

    Aaron (Dreaming About Other Worlds).

  11. HAHA YES! Now I have more ways to procrastinate! Totally loving this :)

  12. Lol, I absolutely loved this!

    I have a big dog and a tiny one too - I do the exact same thing! :D


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